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First Look: W Motors Fenyr Supersport

W Motors Fenyr Supersport
W Motors Fenyr Supersport

On November 10th, W Motors, the first Arabian high performance, luxury sports car manufacturer will unveil its second model, the Fenyr Supersport at 2015 Dubai International Auto Show. The auto show will be held at the Dubai World Trade Center from November 10th – 14th.

The Fenyr Supersport will be the latest addition to the W Motors lineup, whose cars purely focus on performance, speed, and power. 

To maintain its hyper exclusivity, W Motors will only build 25 Fenyr Supersport models per year. Each model will bear the company’s distinctive DNA and styling cues.

The Fenyr Supersport will be powered by a specially made, RUF engine, producing more than 1,000 horsepower, with other incredible performance capabilities. The W Motors Fenyr Supersport will be built in collaboration with renowned international technical partners like Magna Steyr from Italy and RUF Automobiles from Germany.

More information on the Fenyr Supersport will be disclosed after its public unveiling at the 2015 Dubai International Auto Show on November 10th at 10:25 A.M. At the auto show, the Fenyr Supersport prototype will be joined by the company’s first supercar, the Lykan HypersportThe Lykan Hypersport on display will look similar to the car featured in Furious 7.

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