First Honda Fit EV Is Delivered to City of Torrance

Revenge of the electric car! We know it’s a documentary name, but it’s crazy to see it really happening. Electric cars are making a comeback, in terms of model introductions. Sales haven’t too great though, and there is a few reasons for that. Cost has got to get down to levels of internal combustion cars, as well as range moving higher up.

Range anxiety is a real issue when it is your main car. Now for a second car or city runabout, the dynamics change. That is why many of the EVs being developed are exactly that; compact cars aimed at city dwellers. Tesla is the one taking a different tack with the Model S.

Honda Fit EV 2013 1280x960 wallpaper 02

A few years ago there was no pure electric vehicles on the market period. Now, Nissan has the LEAF, Mitsubishi the MiEV, Chevrolet is introducing the Spark EV and the i3 is under development at BMW. Honda joined the party at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November with the Fit EV.

The Fit EV is going sale in a few select EV-friendly markets this summer. Prior to its launch, Honda is delivering it to a few municipalities and buyers to get early feedback. It is a similar situation to BMW with the 1-Series ActiveE Pilot Program. The first is being delivered to the city of Torrance, California.

That is where Honda’s United States headquarters are located. Honda and the City of Torrance have a good working relationship on projects like this. Other partners Google and Stanford University are also part of the early demonstration program.

Honda says each of these participants will provide usage data and info on personal, fleet and car-sharing. The Fit EV has a range of about 76 miles in combined city and highway driving. Initially the Fit EV will only be available in two U.S-states – California and Oregon. Lease pricing checks in at $399 a month, putting it at the lower end of the price range for these types of programs.