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Fiat Doblo Work Truck, No, Really

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I know, how many of you out there have had to use a pick up truck as a tool? How many gearheads also do construction? I know just what you’re thinking when you look at this Fiat Doblo. You’re thinking, “There’s no way in God’s green Earth that thing can function in a construction setting.”

You’re wrong, because I’ve seen something very close to this used as construction vehicle.

One day I was in this small town in Portugal. It was one of those towns that started out as a castle, then got bigger and bigger as more people flocked to it for safety. Allegedly there are over a thousand castles in the country of Portugal. Given that Portugal is the size and shape of Indiana, that is a staggering amount building. And that is also a staggering amount of maintenance to do.

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You think your house has problems? Imagine living in a house that was built 300 years before Europeans knew about the existence of North America. You think you got remodeling hassles?

I was thinking about questions like that when I was walking down a street in this town one morning, and by “street” I mean something that is a little wider than your living room. I was thinking about this stuff walking down a street because driving up the street came a car/truck/thing that looked a lot like a Fiat Doblo loaded down with brick and with two Portuguese guys in the cab. And I mean this thing was loaded down with bricks. They covered the entire area of the flat bed, and were neatly stacked about four feet high.

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They pull up to this “house” and get out. The House is about 5 stories tall (counting the rooftop deck) and about a room and a half wide. It’s whitewashed stucco over brick. A nice, middle-class, middle-aged guy comes out of the house and talks with the driver of this Miata-sized flatbed pickup. Five minutes later, the driver is leaning out of the third story window, and the passenger is standing on top of the bricks.

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The guy in back starts bending at the waist, grabbing one brick at a time and chucking it underhanded to the guy leaning out of the window. Bend-grab-throw-move-bend-grab-throw-move- bend-grab-throw-move- bend-grab-throw-move, with a monotonous, machine-like consistency.

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My mom, who is fluent in Portuguese and has a habit of striking up conversations with complete and utter strangers, starts talking with the nice, middle-class, middle-aged homeowner.

“Estou remodelação minha cozinha, ” [I’m remodeling my kitchen],” he said with a shrug.

My mom keeps talking with the guy, but my dad and I are mesmerized by the coordinated efforts of these two guys. My mom realizes this guy doesn’t have a functioning kitchen, so she invites him along to lunch with us. We walk 37 yards to this little lunch place and disappear inside as the two guys keep chucking bricks.

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45 minutes later, we walk out, just in time to see … three … two … one! There goes the final brick. My dad shakes his head as if to say, ‘Never in my life have I worked that hard.’ And bare in mind that father worked as a coal miner for a few years.

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Instead, he looked at the tiny Fiat flatbed truck and said, “That little guy sure does come in handy I bet. It sure beats having to CARRY all those bricks over here, and THEN toss them up to the boss.”

A truck like the Fiat Doblo makes little to no sense in 95% of the tasks it might be asked to do here in America. But in its domestic, continental market, this thing is a real smart answer.

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Source: Autoblog