ENCO Lamborghini LP 560-4 – A Carbon Fiber Powerhouse

ENCO Lamborghini LP 560-4

ENCO Exclusive is a relatively unheard-of exotic car tuner, but the young German outfit just made one hell of an impression with their newest creation. The donor car – a Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4 – received a serious overhaul at the hands of ENCO, transforming it into an even more aggressive and powerful beast than it once was.

The biggest change ENCO made to the V10-powered Lamborghini was to the body. A unique GT3-style front bumper is made completely from carbon fiber and features three gills on each side to aid in airflow and style. An optional carbon fiber front splitter in available for added downforce. On the sides, carbon fiber GT3 side skirts give the LP 560-4 a wider and more aggressive stance. A carbon fiber rear spoiler is available as well, which sits above a carbon fiber engine cover. The rear diffuser, wing mirrors, and air vents in the boot lid are finished in a carbon fiber laminate.

ENCO Lamborghini LP 560-4 rear

A faux carbon fiber laminate (what a shame) kit is available for the interior trim, coating the center console, dashboard, and handbrake in a new look.

The most important part of the ENCO Lamborghini LP 560-4 however is the power increase. While ENCO didn’t go into any detail about how they made the car more powerful, they did give us the numbers. The LP 560-4, as the name suggests, creates 560 horsepower. ENCO’s version pushes that number up to an impressive 620 hp.

The kit, minus the power increase (which didn’t list a price,) will set you back 25,950 Euros, or about $38,956 USD. Check out more pictures below:

ENCO Lamobrghini LP560-4 ENCO Lamobrghini LP560-4