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Easy Auto Ship: Reviews, Cost, & More (2021)

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Easy Auto Ship Review
In Our Opinion:
Easy Auto Ship is a cost-effective option for those seeking auto shipping on a budget. Customer reviews show that the provider values its customers and goes to great lengths to give them the best car shipping experience.
Customer Service:
No-hassle pricing
Easily obtainable quotes
Affordable, competitive rates
No GPS tracking
Limited customer service hours
Best Benefits

Easy Auto Ship is a company that specializes in auto transport services at affordable prices. The auto shipping provider offers everything from enclosed terminal-to-terminal shipping to long-distance hauling right up to your doorstep, but do Easy Auto Ship reviews fall in line with the company’s overall reputation in the industry?

This Easy Auto Ship review will look at how the Youngstown, Ohio-based shipping provider stands up to some of its competitors. We’ll give a summary of pricing, shipping options, and auto transport reviews so you can see if Easy Auto Ship is worth your investment.

Our research team has also reviewed and ranked the best car shipping companies, and we’ll share our top recommendations for vehicle transport.

Easy Auto Ship Car Shipping Services 

Easy Auto Ship offers a variety of shipping services, ranging from enclosed transport to international shipping. And if you want to ship a car to Hawaii, it’s no problem. Easy Auto Ship operates in all 50 states. Below is an overview of the company’s shipping options:

  • Open transport
  • Enclosed shipping 
  • Expedited shipping
  • Cross-country shipping
  • Door-to-door transportation
  • Terminal-to-terminal shipping
  • International vehicle transportation

Along with standard vehicle transport, Easy Auto Ship will move motorcycles, RVs, heavy equipment, boats, golf carts, and other types of vehicles. Transported vehicles are insured under the Contingent Motor Truck Cargo Policy, which offers coverage up to $100,000 to pay for any damage incurred during shipping.

Easy Auto Ship Transport Costs 

Our research team found that Easy Auto Ship has some of the most competitive rates among car shipping companies. Here are some sample prices available on the vehicle shipping provider’s website: 

Distance Price per Mile Distance Shipping Cost
1–500 miles $1 400 miles $400
Over 500 miles 75 cents 900 miles $675
Over 1,000 miles 60 cents 1,200 miles $720
Over 2,000 miles 50 cents 2,400 miles $1,200
Over 2,500 miles 40 cents 3,600 miles $1,440

Compared to many other auto transporters, Easy Auto Ship offers savings. For the roughly 1,200-mile distance between Buffalo, New York, and Orlando, Florida, AmeriFreight would charge about $750 – about $30 more than Easy Auto Ship says it would charge for the same distance. 

What Affects Auto Shipping Costs? 

Each vehicle shipping company charges different rates per mile, but other factors also influence car shipping costs. Not factored into the prices listed on the Easy Auto Ship website are the extra costs for certain types of vehicle shipping and overseas transport. 

Factors that can influence shipping prices include:

  • Time of year: Car shipping costs usually peak during the summer.   
  • Fuel costs: A higher price for fuel means paying more for car transport. 
  • Distance: Even though the cost per mile decreases, shipping farther generally means a higher price overall. 
  • Transport type: Enclosed shipping and door-to-door transport can both raise car shipping costs.
  • Vehicle type: Larger vehicles are usually more expensive to transport. Inoperable vehicles have higher shipping costs as well.

If you’re looking to lower your shipping costs, Easy Auto Ship has a few ways to save. Customers who call for a free quote can reduce their shipping fee by 15%, and Easy Auto Ship offers discounts for military members, veterans, and customers who ship in bulk. The vehicle transporting company also gives all customers up to $150 off for paying in cash.

Easy Auto Ship guarantees any shipping quotes for 30 days and promises no hidden fees. Customers who may wish to cancel their shipments can obtain full refunds if their vehicles haven’t been assigned. If a vehicle has been assigned, the customer will get a refund minus a fee from the carrier. 

Easy Auto Ship Reviews

Compared to some auto shippers, Easy Auto Ship is one of the younger companies on the block. Its doors opened in 2013, but Easy Auto Ship reviews reveal a reputation for excellent service. 

Easy Auto Ship is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), which gives the vehicle transporting provider an A+ rating. The BBB has over 690 Easy Auto Ship customer reviews, which average out to a 4.63 rating out of 5 stars. The vehicle transporter also earns high marks elsewhere, with a 4.6 out of 5.0 stars on Google and 4.2 out of 5.0 stars on Trustpilot. 

Less favorably, the BBB has fielded more than 30 customer complaints about Easy Auto Ship in the last three years. 

Below are some Easy Auto Ship reviews that stood out to our research team: 

Positive Easy Auto Ship Reviews

“Great Service! They kept me in the loop through the whole process! [Not] once did I have a worry.”
– Rosie via Trustpilot

“Easy Auto Ship made moving my car so easy and stress-free. The quote I was given was the amount I was charged, and the day assigned for pickup and dropoff proved true. Communication with this company was excellent, and I always felt taken care of and informed at all points of the move.”
– Jacquelyn L. via BBB

Negative Easy Auto Ship Reviews

“They talk a good game when they are trying to get your business and even after you decide to use them. But when your vehicle finally shows up and it is damaged, they talk a whole different game. Beware of this company.”
– Paul M. via BBB

“Reached out twice after the car was picked up, and I never received a reply. Seems like all they care about is getting their initial fee and then letting you figure things out on your own. Will definitely be using a different service moving forward.”
– Taylor F. via BBB

Along with concerns about a perceived lack of customer communication and damages not being covered under the company’s insurance policy, some customers have expressed frustration about not being able to track their vehicles in real time and carriers arriving after the scheduled drop-off date. 

Easy Auto Ship: Best Benefits

Customers looking for relatively cheap car shipping should keep Easy Auto Ship in mind. The vehicle transportation provider offers a variety of shipping services at a lower cost than most other competitors. If you can live without 24/7 customer support and real-time vehicle tracking, Easy Auto Ship is a good choice.

Other Recommendations for Auto Shipping

If you’re looking to find the best rate for auto shipping, our research team recommends getting car shipping quotes from multiple transporters. Our review team took a close look at every major car shipping provider, carefully evaluating customer reviews, costs, plan options, and more. 

In addition to Easy Auto Ship, two of the best options we’ve found are Montway Auto Transport and Sherpa Auto Transport.

Montway Auto Transport: Best Service

Montway Auto Transport is one of our top picks for auto transport. The vehicle shipping company offers many of the same services as Easy Auto Ship but carries 15 years of experience in the auto shipping industry. Montway wins our Best Service award based on its availability and prices.

Like Easy Auto Ship, Montway is accredited by the BBB and has earned an A+ rating from the agency. Customers gave Montway an average rating of 4.49 out of 5 stars across more than 1,700 BBB reviews, which highlight the vehicle shipping provider’s on-time deliveries, extremely affordable rates, and speedy communication. Montway also partners with more than 15,000 auto carriers across the U.S.

Sherpa Auto Transport: Best for Locked-In Pricing

Those who prioritize knowing the price for auto shipping up front might consider Sherpa Auto Transport. Sherpa’s “Price Lock Promise” ensures the amount you’re quoted is the amount you pay, and the automobile transporter includes a free car wash once your vehicle has been delivered.

Like the other car shipping companies we’ve mentioned, Sherpa has an A+ rating from the BBB in addition to being an accredited business. We give Sherpa 4.0 out of 5.0 stars.

FAQ: Easy Auto Ship Reviews

Is Easy Auto Ship legit?

Easy Auto Ship is a BBB-accredited company. Many Easy Auto Ship reviews mention a positive customer experience. Easy Auto Ship often quotes car shipping prices that are comparable to or cheaper than its competitors’ prices.

Is Easy Auto Ship a broker?

Similar to most auto transport companies, Easy Auto Ship brokers shipping services from carriers across the country. Each of its carriers has insurance coverage for any damage that occurs during transport.

What is the best auto transport company to use?

Our research team shows that companies such as Montway, AmeriFreight, and Sherpa can be good options for vehicle transport. We recommend comparing costs from multiple carriers, reading Easy Auto Ship customer reviews, and reading competitor reviews to find the best company for your shipping needs.

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