Drive a Lamborghini with Valentino Balboni

Valentino Balboni

Talk about something to brag to your friends about. This June, Gotham Dream Cars – an exotic car rental company – is offering their first ever “Legends Dream Car Tour” in the New York area. The company, which normally offers exotic car rental services and group drives (much like World Class Driving,) struck a deal with legendary Lamborghini test driver Valentino Balboni.

The “Legends” tour will have four total sessions over two days (June 9 & 10, 2009.) The drive will cost a hefty $1495 per driver, but how many other chances will you have to drive with Valentino Balboni? Participants will get four hours total to pilot five cars, 20-30 minutes each. The cars will consist of a Lamborghini LP 560-4 Spyder, Gallardo Spyder, Murcielago, Murcielago LP 640 Roadster, and one other. It would be a very cool idea on this special occasion to offer a couple of classic Lambos to drive, such as the Diablo, Countach, or Miura.

Along with the drive, you’ll get breakfast (or lunch, depending on the session,) a meet and greet with Valentino, and some time riding shotgun with Mr. Balboni (and probably scaring the crap out of you.)

There are only 40 spots available, so head over to the Gotham Dream Car Tour website and register.

  1. Hi, i was wondering if there was anyway of having the “drive with Valentino Balboni” event again sometime this year? If not I do want to find an event where we can have a meet and greet with him.
    Thank you very much!

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