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Dremel Versa Review: Is This Small Portable Power Cleaner Worth The Money?

Dremel Versa Kit
Dremel Versa Power Cleaner
The Dremel Versa takes on the interior of our vehicle and then our kitchen.
Handheld & Light
Splash Guard Accessory
Good Assortment of Pads
Short Battery Life
Splash Guard Will Collapse
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The Dremel Versa Power Cleaner offers 2,200 rpm of rechargeable power and four interchangeable cleaning pads. It comes with a plug-in adapter for charging and a special rubber guard to prevent water and cleaning solutions from being flung by the pads. At the time of this writing, the Dremel Versa is available on Amazon for about $60. 

For this review, we tested it on our office vehicle, a 2016 Fiat 500X, and then on my stove at home, which was a disaster. Based on other customer reviews, the Dremel Versa is best for smaller jobs around the house or garage, and we would agree with that. Under heavy use, like cleaning a stove or bathtub, the Dremel Versa’s short battery life is its main drawback.

Dremel Versa Cleaning Pads

The Dremel Versa comes with four different cleaning pads, depending on the task at hand.

White Foam Eraser Pad: Use this multi-purpose pad for harder surfaces like a countertop, glass, baseboards, and non-stainless steel appliances. The eraser pad has micro-abrasive characteristics, so using it on a softer surface could result in scratches. For example, it’s not recommended for wood, copper, or stainless steel. However, you can use it to shine your shoes.

Brown Abrasive Heavy-Duty Pad: This pad is for deep-embedded grime and grit. It can handle a number of metal items, from lawn furniture to uncoated cookware.

Blue Microfiber Non-Scratch Pad: This pad is the “go-to” for most things around the house, including pots, pans, appliances, outdoor tools, and lawn equipment.

Black Nylon Bristle Brush: This is for heavier jobs like the brown pad. For car enthusiasts, this is the attachment to use when cleaning tires. This brush is the ticket for anything that would take an excessive amount of elbow grease.

How To Assemble The Dremel Versa

Assembling the Dremel Versa Power Cleaner is easy, and the individual pads attach with what appears to be durable Velcro. The “backing pad” holds the cleaning pad in place, which attaches in just a few seconds to the Versa itself. Dremel recommends charging the unit before and after each use and advises not to run it while plugged in.

The funnel-looking accessory is the rubber splash guard, which has two positions: extended and retracted. When extended, it will keep the flinging and spraying of water and cleaning solution to a minimum. If cleaning a harder-to-reach area, the splash guard will retract. If necessary, the splash guard can be removed entirely.

The splash guard is helpful and does its job, but it can be flimsy depending on what you are cleaning. If you move the Dremel Versa just right, the splash guard will collapse.

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An automatic wash is convenient, although it causes me to sometimes neglect my interior. Paper towels and ordinary rags won’t do the trick by this point.

The Versa & Those Dirty Interior Panels

I have plenty of applicator pads and soft towels for my vehicle’s exterior to get that “showroom shine” look. However, I prefer to avoid cleaning my interior – or that is to say, I’m less excited about detailing my interior. This is where the Dremel Versa Power Cleaner was most beneficial for me.

For example, the lower panels directly inside my vehicle get hit with my shoes (and my passenger’s shoes) during exit and entry. It doesn’t take long for that part of the interior to get really dirty, especially during the winter or after a series of rain showers.



With the White Foam Eraser Pad and a few sprays of Rain-X interior detailer, I could remove the excess dirt and grime that builds up on those lower interior panels. Usually, I would scrub with a towel, but it is much easier to let the Dremel Versa do the work (just guided it up and around the curves of the panel). I did the passenger side interior panels, dashboard, and center console from there.

On my driver’s side door panel, I had a particular spot of dirt (who knows how it got there) too ingrained for regular towels. As with the lower panels, I hit the area with a few sprays of the Rain-X interior detailer and guided the Dremel tool over the surface, removing the dirt stain within a few seconds.

The Dremel Versa Power Cleaner works well on harder interior plastic surfaces that are dirty (although, resist the urge to “push down” on the unit when using it). In this case, with the White Foam Eraser Pad, I was able to remove a stubborn spot of dirt on my door panel. Likewise, the Dremel Versa should make short work of a soda or coffee stain on any interior plastic surface.

The Versa & The Stovetop

After my vehicle’s interior, I tackled another area I often overlook: my nasty stove.

The burners on my stove had these caked-on brownish rings around them. At this point, they are so far into the surface that scrubbing by hand is honestly a waste of time. The extent of my stove cleaning is to run a soapy rag over it, removing any immediate residue but not really getting all of the grime off. According to Dremel, the Versa Power Cleaner was designed for these types of dirty jobs, so I thought I would give it a shot.

Dremel Versa
If there was ever a cleanup for the Dremel Versa Power Cleaner to conquer, my stove was it. Nasty!

I started with the Blue Microfiber Non-Scratch Pad, which removed about 70 percent of the grit. From there, I switched to the Brown Abrasive Heavy-Duty Pad to eliminate the rest of the grime.

With both pads, I went slowly with the Dremel Versa Power Cleaner, holding it over the troublesome spots for a moment to let the pad work. The slower you go, the more effective it is on something like a neglected stove. I used Bar Keeper’s Friend, but regardless of what cleaning solution you pick, use the splash guard in the extended position to keep everything from flying across your kitchen.

The total time to clean my stove was about 15 minutes, which wiped out a good portion of the Versa’s battery.

Dremel Versa Power Cleaner Uses & Pad Suggestions:

  • Grill Exterior (Non-Scratch)
  • Stove and Countertops (Eraser)
  • Inside the Oven (Non-Scratch)
  • Pots/Pans (Heavy Duty) (Eraser)
  • Vehicle Wheel Hub (Bristle Brush)
  • Shower Glass Door and Tubs (Eraser)
  • Shower Tile Grout and Sink Faucets (Bristle Brush)
  • Metal Patio Furniture – Rust Removal (Heavy Duty)

Dremel Versa Pro Tips

  • Wipe down and dry the unit after each use.
  • Resist the temptation to “push” on the unit, which will cause it to turn off.
  • When dealing with stubborn spots and stains, apply light pressure and keep the Dremel Versa positioned directly on the area. The pads will eventually do their job.
  • When fully charged, the Versa runs for about 15 to 20 minutes, which should be long enough to do most smaller jobs.
  • Extended use will require additional charging time. A full charge, according to the owner’s manual, takes about two hours.
Dremel Versa

Well suited for smaller but difficult cleaning jobs around the house or garage.

Splash guard helps keep dirty water and cleaning solution from flying everywhere.

Helpful cleaning tool if you have arthritis.

Is The Dremel Versa Worth The Money?

The Dremel Versa is a helpful tool around the house or garage and is reasonably priced. If you struggle with grip or arthritis, the Dremel Versa should prevent excess scrubbing or elbow grease. At the time of this writing, it’s available on Amazon for about $60. If you need replacement pads, a pack of eight is available on Amazon for $10. 

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