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Dog-Proof Your Vehicle: 3 Simple Ways To Keep Your Pup Safe

Dogs are pretty much tops, aren’t they? It’s almost a requirement that your spirits get raised after spending a couple of minutes with a dog. Here at Auto Accessories Garage, we’re lucky enough to have a kooky canine lounging around the office on the day-to-day.

He’s a golden retriever named Scully, and his role as an ‘office dog’ is a popular one.

In fact, a recent study shows workplace pups are becoming more and more popular and may also improve productivity.

The only problem with bringing man’s best friend with you to the office (or anywhere else) is that these mangy mutts aren’t exactly known for their cleanliness. If you’ve been driving around with a pooch as your co-pilot, it will show – that is, unless you dog-proof your vehicle. There are tons of ways to make your ride more pet-friendly, and since we at AAG have become experts on canine co-workers, we know all the best options.

Pet barriers will ensure your dog doesn’t accidentally get injured climbing over the seats.

#1 Pet Safety

For example, if you keep your dog in the rear of your van or SUV, it can be quite a chore to keep her from climbing over the rear seats. But with an easily installable and removable pet barrier from Highland, WeatherTech, or PortablePET, keeping your dog at bay is a problem of the past.

And if you like your dog seated in the main cabin, you can put safety first with the Ruff Rider Roadie Dog Harness, a seat belt specifically designed to fit comfortably on your pup that also exceeds all SAE standards for human seat belts.

Pet safety belts provide peace of mind when traveling with your dog.

#2 Interior Protection

You’ll definitely want to keep fur off of your upholstery and keep scratches and claw marks off of your leather. Unless you plan on blowing all your loose change at the self-service car wash vacuums every weekend, you’ll want to find a better solution. The most attractive and effective answer would be custom-fitting seat liners. Coverking seat covers are designed to take the use and abuse that even the largest of dogs can dish out.

They’ll hug the contours of your make and model, and available materials like Ballistic or Leatherette are as easy to clean as wiping down a table.

If you drive a van or SUV and prefer to keep the hounds out of the main cabin, a Cargo Liner from Husky Liner’s WeatherBeater line could be the key to a clean and pristine pup-mobile. Also custom-tailored for an exact fit, this mat falls right into place in your cargo area and provides an impenetrable barrier. What’s more, the rubberized thermo-plastic construction will keep your dog from sliding around, and if he’s sitting next to the groceries, it will keep him from wearing them.

It’s also gently padded, and in our experience, dogs love them. In fact, Husky Liners’ floor mats are great for the whole vehicle, especially if you let your dog ride upfront or in the back seat.

Just another day on the job! Scully is at home at the Auto Accessories Garage headquarters in Illinois.

#3 Consider The Elements

We all know that cars can heat up into the triple digits when left unattended on sunny days. That’s why it’s imperative to keep a steady breeze flowing through the vehicle while you gas up or run into a convenience store with your pooch in the passenger seat. But opening your windows all the way could allow your dog to leap out after you; even cracking your windows can leave your car susceptible to thieves and sudden rainstorms.

Easy to install window deflectors will bring you the best of both worlds – a cooling breeze of outside air and complete protection for that sudden downpour. After all, a wet dog is one thing, but a wet dog in a wet car should be avoided at all costs.


With your seats and surfaces covered in reliable protection and a new array of safety features, your vehicle will be one hundred percent pooch-proof. Whether you’re taking your dog to the office, the park, the lake, or just for a Sunday drive, it’s sure to improve your experience. And it will just take one glance into your dog’s eyes during the drive to see that he’ll be loving every second of it too.

Jake McKenzie is a copywriter and content manager with, a family-owned and operated business headquartered in the greater Chicago area. Jake is passionate about film, comedy, and of course, the automotive industry.

Cover Photo: Alexas_Fotos

  1. My dogs are very spoiled. They have everything they could possibly want or need in the car, including seat covers, an extended seat to give them more room in the back seat, BreezeGuard window screens, and dog seat belts. My dog Pierson uses the Ruff Rider. In an independent crash test study, only the ClickIt, Ruff Rider, and AllSafe harnesses did not demonstrate catastrophic failure in each size. The ClickIt was considered the safest in this study, but only because it was so restrictive. I like the Ruff Rider because Pierson can move around a bit more and be comfortable on those long car rides. My other dog Maya has worn the ClickIt brand before but it pinched her skin and cramped her legs. She wears the AllSafe brand now.

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