024bmw concept 4 series coupe

Detroit: BMW Concept 4-Series Coupe

024bmw concept 4 series coupe

When the new BMW 3-series launched, it didn’t include a new coupe variant. BMW waited for the coupe follow-up, choosing to sell the older generation coupe alongside the new sedan. This time the differentiation between sedan and coupe will be bigger than ever before, and the result is the 4-Series Coupe.

For a while now, it has been rumored that BMW would be repositioning the coupe model of the 3-series, giving it the 4-series designation. This move would put all of BMWs coupe and convertible models on an even-numbered nomenclature. We weren’t sure it would happen given all of the name-recognition the car has built up wearing the 3-series label.

028bmw concept 4 series coupe

But, BMW wanted to make a statement about positioning the car as its own model and make a statement it has. The new 4-series is here (at least in concept form) and whether you like the name change or not, most agree the design is stunning. An increased level of differentiation in styling began with the previous generation 3-series coupe and has reached a new “zenith” (those are BMW’s words!) with the 4-series. The changes start with the front end. The most criticized design element of the 3-series sedan is the way the front headlights join with the grille.

The idea could have been executed better and BMW has done that with the 4-series. The headlights have been redesigned and feature an LED light-pipe element that meets up with the grille. It gives a much more completed look to the front-end and we hope that the changes make their way to mid-cycle enhancement of the 3-Series sedan. The 4-Series has beautiful proportions from front to rear. To our eyes it beats its German rivals, at least in concept form. The rear features a rakish roofline and taillights inspired by the 6-series. Overall, it is one of the most stylized BMW designs we have seen. As far as powertrains go, expect the same setup as the standard 3-series sedan. The 4-series concept is an early reveal from next month’s North American International Auto Show. We’re looking forward to seeing live photos of this car on the show floor.