Dazzled Cars App Brings Enthusiasts Together

These days, you can do almost anything with a smartphone. Car enthusiasts wishing to connect with each other and share their favorite rides are turning to apps like Dazzled Cars.

The app, available through the Google Play Store, allows car lovers to share their favorite rides and the memories attached to them.


Scott Cairns, Dazzled Cars founder, was enjoying a cup of coffee in downtown Dubai one evening. Nearby, a Lamborghini Aventador was attracting a lot of attention. As Cairns sipped his coffee he counted over 30 people stopping to take a photo.

Some even took a selfie. It’s natural to assume most of those photos ended up on social media, but Cairns wondered if there was a better way to preserve those photos and memories.

He searched for an app that might provide such an experience but was not satisfied by what he saw.

Be Dazzled

The app allows car lovers from all backgrounds to upload photos and videos and share them with friends. Dazzled Cars allows an user to tag those friends so everyone can join the fun when posting their favorite cars.

Most enthusiasts I know, myself included, like to see what is for sale in the automotive universe. Dazzled Cars has a built in marketplace where users can buy and sell vehicles.

The ultimate vision is for Dazzled Cars to be a living newsfeed so passionate enthusiasts can share in the automotive lifestyle together.

Furthermore, Cairns believes the app can serve as a powerful social media community, strengthening the automotive marketplace for enthusiasts and business alike.

Selfie Face

If you take a selfie with your favorite car, be sure to share it with us. The combinations you can share on the app are endless, from super exotics, to rare barn finds. Dazzled Cars, in our opinion, is about having lots and lots of fun while enjoying a love for cars.

*Carl Anthony is Managing Editor of Automoblog and resides in Detroit, Michigan.

Photos & Source: Dazzled Cars