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Car Disassembly 3D App Review

There is a common belief that a used vehicle is worth more in its parts as opposed to being in a whole. In the virtual world, what would you imagine the price is for parting out an AC Cobra, a custom 1930s Ford Hot Rod or even a DeLorean?

It’s difficult to surmise the cost of computer-generated components but the experience to tear down a vehicle is a lot less than even an air filter for most cars.

Through most popular mobile environments as well as even personal computer operating systems, Noble Empire Limited allows anyone to get a taste of what auto mechanics deals with Car Disassembly 3D application.

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A highlight of what is admittedly a short Android user experience for me, I found the Car Disassembly 3D app as the answer to the reason why I bought an Android-based tablet even before I downloaded it. One of my favorite games growing up was the 1990s computer game Street Rod 2.

The part I most enjoyed about that game was the ability to remove and replace components such as the engine and tires. Played from a floppy disk, I was hoping that 20 years of computer technology would have brought more experiences an automobile could be explored virtually in deep detail.

Instead, we’re used to numerous racing games where upgrades are doubt with in manner that is often dumbed-down. Modern games have us simply add speed or downforce without comprehending the adjustment.

While not a racing game, the Car Disassembly 3D immediately provided me the prospect to see how detailed a car can be explored on a virtual platform.

Introduction to Car Disassembly 3D

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Reviewing it on an Android tablet, it was comforting a reasonable developer produced the Car Disassembly 3D app. Noble Empire Limited also produces several other programs allowing the assembly and disassembly of items in a virtual space.

Their most popular application is Gun Disassembly but they also have one for motorcycles as well as skeletons of living creatures. The Car Disassembly 3D app combines an interactive puzzle with a game-like atmosphere.

Available for Apple iOS devices, Android enabled devices as well as MacOS X and Windows computers, Car Disassembly 3D is free to download and includes a Custom Hot Rod (a model clearly derived from a 1930s Ford).

For some time, a Lotus Seven and the AC Cobra virtual models were also available as an in-app purchase at about $1.99 each. And they just added a fourth vehicle: the Delorean DMC-12 – an icon of 1980s.

Each vehicle has an information write-up presented from Wikipedia as well as web links.

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Engaging the app, the likeness of each vehicle is very well depicted in the Car Disassembly 3D app. Each of the four cars vary in their part count. Number of pieces ranges from 545 parts found on the Custom Hot Rod model to 989 parts on the Delorean DMC-12.

Fortunately, some screws and wheel lug nuts are parts that are removed with a single operation. When selecting the pieces of a virtual model, many but not all parts are named. When I disassembled each vehicle model, the characteristics of each model continues to pay homage to the character of the specific car.

The tubular frame of the Lotus Seven is revealed with the removal of body panels. Even the location of the battery and wiring harnesses are placed in realistic places as the vehicles in the real world.

While much of a vehicle can be taken apart, there are limited pieces to the engine. Due to the complexity of an engine, if Noble wanted to, they could create an app on the engine itself.

Using Car Disassembly 3D

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Interacting with the vehicle models, you can free to span around in order to search for the next removable piece. The background is simply a sky setting that is somewhat out of place but I can’t suggest another more appropriate setting.

In addition to a Demo and Operation option, modes for using the Car Disassembly 3D app involve Assembly, Disassembly and Game. The game mode is a timed challenge to test how quickly you can take apart every piece of a vehicle and then rebuild it.

If you get stuck, hints will be offered with a 30-second time penalty. My best time so far has been with the Custom Hot Rod at 31 minutes and 36 seconds. On the app’s leaderboard, the worldwide top time is an incredible 8 minutes and 24 seconds.

Operation mode consists largely of a limited custom tool. You can choose to each the color as well as alter some components for a different vehicle personality. Along the left side, you play around with opening and closing the doors, hood and trunk of each vehicle in Operation mode.

At the right corner on the screen, you are provided a new unique perspective of a vehicle with an X-ray view. What would be the best feature in the Car Disassembly 3D app’s Operation mode comes with the Delorean.

Of course, you can convert the Delorean DMC-12 to look like the time machine from Back to the Future Part II right down to the Flux Capacitor and Mr Fusion. Also unique to the Delorean DMC-12 in Operation mode is an Engine Start button.

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Operating on a seven-inch screen, the detail of the Car Disassembly 3D app sometimes is a frustration when you first interact with a model. On the Custom Hot Rod, I have searched for minutes finding one screw that was essential for disassembling the body from the chassis.

However, once you have familiarized with a vehicle, you can usually identify a component by memory. Also beware the size of a tablet screen can make it a bit tricky to pinpoint smaller pieces.


According to the Noble Empire Limited’s website, the Car Disassembly 3D app has existed in the Google Play marketplace since 2012. It was little disappointing only four vehicles are currently available after almost two years.

The Gun Disassembly app appears to be Noble’s flagship product and has a long list of models to choose from. That said, the DeLorean DMC-12 is a well-executed recent addition begging for an encore.

My closing opinion on the Car Disassembly 3D app is highly positive. The app is a remarkable virtual exploration into the anatomy of automobiles in world where too many of us are forgoing our true understanding for how a vehicle works.

The Car Disassembly 3D app is available to download from the following locations depending on your operating system:

Android: Here
Apple App Store: Here
Windows XP, Vista and 7: Here

Information and photo source: Noble Empire Limited