Computer Engineers Are Most Crash-Prone

So out comes this new study that shows (or purports to show) who, by type of job, are the drivers most likely to stack it up. Short answer: Computer engineers. Now, I can’t speak for ALL of them, but are they serious? For one thing, Chief Gearhead here at the blog, Chris, a computer engineer, and he seems to know what he’s doing behind a wheel (although if you’d like to make any confessions, feel free to do so in the comments Chris).

According to a recent survey by Churchill Car Insurance of accident claims, computer programmers and engineers are more likely crash their cars. They’re just number one on the list, of which, the top ten are:

1. Computer engineer
2. Sales manager
3. Chef
4. Student
5. Doctor
6. Estate agent
7. Surveyor
8. Customer adviser
9. Hairdresser
10. Social worker

Wait, chefs? Really? They’re worse than hairdressers? What the … uh? In any case, the fine folks at Churchill said that the people least likely to crash are farmers aircraft fitters, stores personnel and ambulance drivers.

Computer Engineers

OK, now I’m starting to wonder about their sample. I’ve got this friends that’s an ex aircraft mechanic, and not only is he nuts behind the wheel, he’s also one of those diabetics that eats whatever he wants, and then adjusts his blood sugar level moment to moment with insulin. Once I swung by his place, and his VW Rabbit look like it had run head on into a telephone pole.

“What happened to the Rabbit?”

“Ah … I was driving along, passed out ‘a little’ from low blood sugar and drove it into a telephone poll,” he said.

“Holy shit! You OK?”

“Yeah … I’m fine. Second time that’s happened though … ”

So I don’t know … you people tell me, do programmers seem any worse with cars than, say, hairdressers?

Source: Neatorama

Photo from Flickr user myahya

  1. Sounds about right to me. Think of sleep deprivation. Engineers, Chef's and Doctors work too hard, and Sales Managers and Students have a lack of sleep for other reasons no doubt!

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