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Compared: Continental ControlContact Sport A/S vs. Tour A/S

When it comes to shopping for tires, a lot of variables determine which tire is the right tire for your vehicle. The first is the vehicle that you drive. Others include how many miles you drive per day, the road conditions you normally see, the region where you live, whether you drive a lot on the highway or the city streets, and the vehicle’s suspension and chassis setup, among others.

Deciding on which set of tires are the right ones for your vehicle can be very challenging and time consuming.

When Discount Tire contacted us to compare a set of Continental ControlContact Sport A/S and Continental ControlContact Tour A/S tires, I immediately jumped upon the opportunity. I am in the market for new tires and Old Man Winter is going to wake up soon and start wreaking havoc on Wisconsin roads.

Here is some information about my vehicle and the road conditions I deal with on a daily basis:

2008 Volkswagen Passat Wagon
2008 Volkswagen Passat Wagon

Vehicle: 2008 Volkswagen Passat VR6 4 Motion Wagon

Chassis & Drivetrain: Uni-body with sport suspension and all-wheel-drive

Tire Size: 235/40 R 18 all-season rubber on 18 x 8.5 in rims

Location: South Eastern Wisconsin

Driving Environment: Mostly city streets with medium-sized pot holes and rough surfaces and sometimes on the highway while going downtown.

Driving Style: I enjoy driving my car with enthusiasm and like to toss it around any corner or apex available. Grip is a key variable when it comes to selecting a new set of tires for my car.

With that being said, here is an in-depth comparison of the Continental ControlContact Sport A/S and Continental ControlContact Tour A/S, available exclusively via Discount Tire.

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Continental ControlContact Sport A/S

Continental ControlContact Sport A/S
Continental ControlContact Sport A/S

Discount Tire describes Continental ControlContact Sport A/S as “an all-season, ultra-high performance tire that delivers driving control and superior responsiveness in all conditions – dry, wet, and snow – and it’s backed by a 50,000 mile warranty. Sizes in 16 inch to 20 inch and 35 to 55 series fit a broad range of performance and passenger cars.”

Here are some key benefits and features of the ControlContact Sport A/S:

Tread Life

  • 50,000 mile tire tread warranty on ALL tire sizes and speed ratings.
  • The ControlContact Sport A/S tire was developed with a computer-optimized contact patch and stiff tread blocks for long, even tread-wear.


  • All-season tire siping design provides extra biting edges at multiple angles for enhanced traction in wet and winter conditions.
  • Asymmetrical tire tread targets dry traction on the outer edge, and wet traction on the inner tread, for ideal grip in all conditions.
  • Biting edges in the circumferential grooves hold snow for excellent winter traction.


  • Asymmetrical tread allows for wide, linked tread blocks on the outer edge of the tire, which improves lateral stability when cornering.
  • Wide shoulder blocks provide stability and control during cornering.


  • Asymmetrical tread helps reduce overall road noise.

Wondering if the Continental ControlContact Sport A/S is the right tire for you and your vehicle? Visit your local Discount Tire store and see. They’re available in 32 sizes.

Continental ControlContact Tour A/S

Continental ControlContact Tour A/S
Continental ControlContact Tour A/S

Discount Tire describes the Continental ControlContact Tour A/S as “an exceptional All-Season Touring tire, available exclusively at Discount Tire Stores. The ControlContact Tour A/S tire delivers long tread-wear, uncompromised performance, and exceptional wet traction – especially wet braking. The tire’s +silane tread compound is combined with traction grooves and siping to enhance traction on wet roads, snow and/or slush for superior winter traction. Internally, the ControlContact Tour A/S features a comfort band to absorb road vibrations for smoother, quieter ride. Covered by 90,000-mile limited tread-wear warranty, this tire is among the best cost-per-mile values around. Tire sizes come in 14-in to 17-in, 55 to 65 series and TR speed rating fit a wide range of popular vehicles.”

Here are some key benefits and features of the ControlContact Tour A/S:

Tread Life

  • TG-F polymers built into the tread compound provide a long tread life.
  • 90,000-mile limited tread-wear warranty delivers excellent value.


  • Full depth siping adds thousands of biting edges to create additional traction in wet and winter conditions.
  • +silane tread compound additives help grip slippery roads and reduce stopping distance in both dry and wet conditions.
  • Traction grooves with biting edges at the base dig into snow and slush for superior winter traction.


  • A special band is located between the belt and tread to absorb and reduce road vibrations for a smooth, quiet ride.


  • EcoPlus technology is incorporated in the tread to improve wear and wet grip.

The Continental ControlContact Tour A/S is available in 20 sizes, exclusively at any Discount Tire store.

After comparing the Continental ControlContact Sport A/S and ControlContact Tour A/S tires on paper, I ordered a set based on my vehicle’s requirements. My plan was to test them in the real world to see if their claims stood or not.

The Review

Based on my vehicle, my driving style, and tire size, I decided to order a set of Continental ControlContact Sport A/S in 235/40 R 18 95Y XL BSW. On Nov. 11th, I visited my local Discount Tire store in Waukesha, Wisconsin and got the new tires mounted onto my 2008 Volkswagen Passat wagon.

After getting the tires installed (in less than an hour) on my car, I immediately noticed and felt the difference between the new tires and my old set of Pirelli P6 all-seasons. The moment I left the store’s parking lot, I felt the improvement in my vehicle’s steering response.

YouTube video

On my way home, it started to rain heavily, but the Continental ControlContact Sport A/S handled the road surface as if it were bone dry. They were providing superior traction on the wet surface but there was also another noticeable difference. I felt my stopping distance improve when I applied the brakes.

Over the next few days, I drove my wagon around the city to “break in” the tires. During this time, the Continental ControlContact Sport A/S definitely lived up to my expectations, doing everything Discount Tire said they would. The grip on dry roads was exceptional and while I was meandering through the streets, the turn-ins were so crisp it almost felt like driving a go-kart on a racetrack versus a 3,500 lbs. station wagon.

On Monday, November 16th, I had to attend a meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota and instead of flying, I decided to start my day early and drive all the way there. The drive there gave me an excellent opportunity to thoroughly test the tire’s performance limits. After completing the 678 mile road trip, here is what I learned about my Continental ControlContact Sport A/S tires

Compared to my old Pirelli P6 all-seasons, these ultra-high performance, all-season tires are a lot quieter, and made the long drive really enjoyable. Even at 80 mph on the highway, the road noise from the tires was minimal. I swear I could have heard a pin drop in the car – that is if I wasn’t listening to Taylor Swift and singing at the top of my lungs like a teenager.

On my journey back from Minnesota to Wisconsin, the skies decided to open up, and I had to drive through rain for a good two hours. However, while everyone was slowing down and moving to the right lane, I decided to stay in the left lane and maintain 80 mph through the thunder storm. I know it was a bit dangerous, but these tires performed exceptionally and drove through like there was no moisture on the road at all.

As I was getting closer to home, the rain stopped and the roads started to dry, so I decided to see how the tires and the car would handle mild corners at high speeds. Again, the results were the same, with the grip being exceptional and the steering response immediate. Even when I jerked the car a bit, it stayed planted to the ground like someone had stuck glue between the tires and the road surface.

Within a week of installing the tires onto my wagon, I have already driven 1,000 miles and I have enjoyed every moment of it. The tires have already proved themselves in dry and wet conditions, and with Old Man Winter right around the corner, I cannot wait to see how these Continental ControlContact Sport A/S tires will perform in snow and slush.

Overall, the Continental ControlContact Sport A/S lived up to everything Discount Tire said about the tires. After driving on these tires for 1,000 miles, I would highly recommend these tires to anyone who owns a performance vehicle or a sports car. However, if you are someone in a less performance oriented vehicle, then I highly suggest you check out the Continental ControlContact Tour A/S tires instead.

Learn more by visiting Discount Tire’s website or visit a Discount Tire location near you.

  1. This is not a comparison. This is looking at sales brochures and ordering one set of the two possible sets of tires.
    Brand new tires are probably going to feel and perform better than worn, somewhat obsolete tires. That hardly proves that the Sport are superior to the Tour, or vice versa.
    That they handled the wet is good, but there is nothing to compare them to other than the writer’s old P6s.

    Also, editor please: ” Old Man Winter is going to wake up soon and start reeking havoc on Wisconsin roads.”
    It’s “wreaking.” Reek is stink.

  2. Agreed with NEANDERTHAL, for a proper compare you need to have both installed, test driven in the various conditions and then write it up. Additionally, if you can drive them for 25k miles and give a follow up that would have been amazing. I like what was said but you only spouted off brochure information and installed one, then compared it to your shot P6’s. We did get feedback for wet surface driving, thanks!

  3. I have a set of these on my 2014 CTS. I am replacing these tires and are going back with the same. Living in Tennessee, I can’t give you a good Winter review. But I found these tires to handle well, with very little road noise. They handle well in tight places, and also do well in wet weather. The only down size on these tires on my CTS is that the 50,000 mile warranty fell short, as I got 38,000 out of them, and probably should have changed them at 35,000. I did get a rebate for the miles that I was promised, so I was okay with that. Overall, I found these to be good tires, with no problems, other than wearing earlier than advertised.

  4. I would LOVE to get a bit of follow-up feedback re: winter road driving with the CONTROL CONTACT SPORT SRS tires reviewed here. I would be ordering them in a 215 /45 R17 91W size. I’m Minnesota driver who just wants to get out with some confidence on the icy / snowy occasions when I do have to drive. Discount tire recommended these specifically, and not the touring tires. I’m open to either! I only drive 5000 miles a year–less now (writing this during the Co-vid period)–so treat wear is less an issue for me. Thank you!

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