Chrysler Learns from Toyota’s Mistake – Recalls 35,000 Cars

gas pedal small

When it comes to potential safety hazards, it looks like car makers aren’t taking any chances after the Toyota Sticky Gas Pedal fiasco. After a month’s investigation by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, Chrysler is issuing a voluntary recall on the potentially sticky gas pedals put into 90 Jeep Compass and 34,631 Dodge Calibers from the 2007 model year. No reports of accidents or injuries have been filed, which means they’re trying to correct the problem before it starts – exactly what should have been done with Toyota.

Although the issue is similar to the Toyota deal, the underlying issue isn’t the same. The problem with the Chrysler pedals are due to a manufacturing issue from CTS – the supplier for the parts in question. Chrysler says only about a third of the recalled vehicles will have problems, so owners are encouraged to have a free inspection done at their local dealer to see if the pedal needs to be replaced.