Chrysler Connects with Smartphone Future

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Starting with the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee, the Chrysler Group will be starting a new-found partnership with the smartphone application community. Rolling out a Vehicle-information portable application, everyone with an Apple device, Blackberry or Android-equipped phone will be able to upload vehicle-related content including information which would have previously been reserved for owner’s manuals. Besides offering text, photos and videos introducing the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee, the smartphone-based Vehicle-information application will also offer an interactive connection for owners. Access to dedicated social media sites, customer assistance and even links to purchasing Jeep and Mopar-licensed products will be available through Vehicle-information.

Chrysler Group’s intention of phasing in electronic application is only the latest utilizing smartphone technology. General Motors has recently introduced an App to accompany the upcoming Chevrolet Volt as well as integrating OnStar features to be accessible via smartphone. It has also been reported that Hyundai’s new flagship sedan, the Equus, will each include a pre-loaded Apple iPad.

Aiming to go fleet-wide with this paperless solution over the next few years, Chrysler’s Vehicle-information software is yet another electronic solution to abolishing the traditional owner’s manual booklet which is slowing becoming a relic to the past. With Chrysler spearheading the changeover to largely paperless information started in 2009 shifting to smaller user guides and information DVDs. Apart from Chrysler, other approaches include BMW’s which preloaded owner’s manual into their vehicle’s on-board hard drive and is accessible through the iDrive Navigational system (fantastic idea as long as none of your initial questions surround the usage of the iDrive system).

While intending to serve current customers primarily, anyone with a smartphone can download the upcoming Chrysler applications free on-line from places including the Apple App store.

Granting enhanced abilities to learn about an automobile, the electronic vehicle information may not be met with overwhelming applauds. While many bookstores are preparing for a boom in electronic reading, there is certain to be hold-outs from every demographics who will still warm to physical book rather than an electronic screen.

Information and images: Chrysler Group