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Christmas Brake: Give The Car Enthusiast On Your List An Upgraded Kit From Power Stop

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What Should You Get a Car Enthusiast For Christmas?

You can always go the useful and practical route with things like a jump starter kit, or a bundle of detailing sprays and waxes. There are a number of amazing books available from our Book Garage series too. Any one of those will make an ideal gift if the car person in your life is also an avid reader.

Many enthusiasts we know don’t just turn wrenches for a profession, but also as a passion. In their spare time, they have project vehicles they are working on. This time of year, it’s possible they are taking the winter months to get something special ready for the car shows and parades come summer. While much fanfare is given to engine modifications (and we understand – we love horsepower too), getting a vehicle stopped is equally as important.

Christmas Brakes From Power Stop

While it may seem like a non-traditional gift, upgraded brake kits from Power Stop are just what the doctor ordered for the car enthusiast on your list. Amazon is running a bang up sale on the Power Stop units, cutting prices as much as 15 to 50 percent for the holidays. The Z23 kits at that link are engineered specifically for enthusiasts. All Z23 kits can withstand higher temperatures than normal brake pads because of the carbon fiber-ceramic construction. As a result, they are more resistant to brake fade which can have unintended consequences when driving.

When you head to Amazon at that link, put in the make and model where you see the red circle on the screenshot below. At the time of this writing, Amazon is offering free delivery until 12-24-19 for all Power Stop products.