BYD F3 Plus remote

BYD Introduces Full-Size Remote Control Car

As a kid, a full-size remote control car was always something cool to dream about. You might have had a pretty nice scale model, but nothing would quite beat remote controlling the real deal. Well, a Chinese company has fulfilled the dreams of kids (probably big ones more than anything) everywhere with a full-size remote control car.

And not just a car designed specifically as an R/C toy – but instead a fully functional (when it is working, that is… it is Chinese after all) road going passenger car that just so happens to sport remote control functionality. The model in question is the BYD Su Rui, successor to the F3. Rather than pitch it as just a novelty feature, BYD says the functionality has its uses, such as getting in tight parking spaces and driving up when its raining. Oh what did we ever do without it? But hey we’d be using this all the time – for fun.

Lest you think you can pilot this thing around at 100 mph either; the car is limited to just 1.2 mph. Even in China, there are safety concerns. Also, the remote must be within 33 feet of the car. Not exactly exciting, but even with these precautions there are things that could go wrong. Imagine the fender benders and potential interference – a litigation nightmare. Which is why this has an exactly zero percent chance of coming to the United States anytime soon. Why rain on the parade though? It is in production somewhere, and neat that it happened. BYD has released a video of the system in action, which you can check out below.

  1. It’s an interesting idea but it does seem more of a novelty concept because most people are more concerned with controlling their cars behind the wheel, not when 30 feet away. It may be faster to walk to the car in the rain then controlling it via remote.

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