Police Tahoe

Chevy Tahoe: Law Enforcement’s Big Dog

Police Tahoe Group Photo

Men and women in law enforcement risk their lives to keep us safe.  Detroit’s 3rd Precinct is near where I live.  They maintain a steadfast watch on our New Center neighborhood with routine patrols.

In Michigan, just like in other parts of the United States, you may often see another type of law enforcement entity.

The K-9 unit.

These four legged officers track missing persons, sniff out narcotics, and do bomb sweeps among other police related tasks.

They are special to law enforcement agencies and the people behind the badges.

“Our K-9s live with our deputies and their families. They are on duty with our deputies every day – responding to calls for service, training, and creating an unbreakable bond.” ~ Oakland County (Mich.) Sheriff Michael J. Bouchard.

Summer can be hard on police dogs and keeping these officers cool in the line of duty is paramount.  Dogs don’t sweat in high temps like humans do.  They use tiny pads on the bottom of their paws and excessively pant – the only ways they can remove heat.

According to Pet Health Network, dogs are quite susceptible to heat stroke.

The North American Police Dog Association cites heat exhaustion as the top killer of police dogs.

To help prevent this in the field, Chevrolet has innovative means with the Tahoe Police Patrol Vehicle, the nation’s most widely used vehicle for K-9 operations.

Police Tahoe

The Chevy Tahoe PPV has advanced climate control technology, allowing for maximum comfort on long patrols and shifts.  Tahoe PPV has multiple vents in the third row area, more than any other police vehicle.

The seat is removed for the kennel and upper and lower air vents chill the area down in a hurry, better keeping the police dog cool.

“The K-9 Unit is an invaluable tool that serves our community and the Tahoe PPV is an important part of our operation.” ~ Sheriff Bouchard

Powering Tahoe PPV is General Motors’ iconic 5.3L EcoTec3 V8.  With Active Fuel Management, Direct Injection, and Variable Valve Timing, Tahoe PPV shares the successful platform used by Silverado.

Agencies seeking the Chevy Tahoe PPV will find excellent balance in fuel efficiency and power with the combination of engine technologies.

2WD and 4×4 options are available.  A heavy duty suspension is standard.

Chevy Tahoe PPV is used by state/local municipalities and the federal government. First response, tactical teams, HAZMAT, and Border Patrol also employ Tahoe PPV.

K9 Police Officer