Chevy Volt in Texas

Chevy Adds Four States to Volt Launch

Due to better-than-expected interest in the upcoming Volt electric-hybrid, Chevy is expanding the car’s initial launch market. Initially, only three markets for the car were planned – California, Michigan, and Washington, D.C. What, you didn’t think you’d be allowed to buy one right away, did you? Today, Chevy announced that the car would also be available in Texas, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut right off the bat.

Chevy is expanding the market to multiple climates to show that, in their words, they “can add markets as diverse as Texas and New York because the Chevrolet Volt can handle both urban commuting and longer trips, in Austin summers and Manhattan winters,” said Ed Whitacre, GM Head Honcho.

To celebrate the new launch markets (if you can celebrate that,) Chevy is starting a four-day Volt “Freedom Tour,” starting today in Austin, TX, and ending in New York City on the 4th, with a few promotional stops in between, covering 1776 miles in total. The stops include Little Rock, AR later today; Nashville, TN, and Roanoke, VA on July 2; Washington, D.C., and Frederick, MD on July 3; Philadelphia, PA, and NYC on the 4th.

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  1. The American Car industry may finally have a hybrid to compete with the Toyota Prius. I hope the Chevy Volt does for Chevy what the Ford model T did for Ford. American jobs need this car to do well.

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