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Chevrolet Corvette C7 Drawing Leaks Out, Chevy Teases Interior

It isn’t every year that we get an all-new generation of the Chevrolet Corvette. That anticipation is adding to the excitement surrounding the North American International Auto Show. which begins January 13th. NAIAS 2013 is shaping up to be a huge event.

Each year the Detroit show gets thousands of journalists from across the country and internationally. This concentration of media and the amount of debuts makes it the world’s largest auto show. Not only that though, but this year the show is playing host to a lot of significant debuts. Out of all of them, the C7 has been much anticipated by the automotive press and fans alike.

Like every new Corvette launch, there have been a lot of rumors surrounding it. We can tell you this – radical changes (like a mid-engined orientation) aren’t in the works. After years on the market, the C6 is getting stale. Chevy is excited about the C7 and is playing up the introduction with a lot of teaser videos.

What they didn’t plan for though, was a leaked drawing of the car’s front end on a GM service website. Given that it is two-dimensional and just a basic outline, it doesn’t give a whole lot away. We will take what we can get though – The new front end looks a lot more shapely and exotic.

What the current car is lacking is styling drama. For instance, the front end is too generic for our liking. One of the constant criticisms of the Corvette has been its interior. The Corvette’s sub-par interior is well known in the industry. The current model, introduced in 2006, tried to fix things but it didn’t go nearly far enough. The C6 was developed during a different era of GM product planning. GM’s interiors today are nothing like their interiors back in 2006.

To emphasize this, Chevy has released a teaser focusing on the craftsmanship of the C7’s interior. Given what we have seen of GM’s latest interiors and the fact that the Corvette is a flagship of sorts for the company, we expect nothing less than a stunner. Stay tuned for more details on the C7 Corvette as they emerge over the next few weeks.