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Update: CarSquare is no longer in business.

Whenever I get a few minutes, I am usually looking at cars online. Wide awake in bed I can be, scrolling through dealer inventories and private seller posts alike. I am actively looking for Pontiac Grand Prix GXP with a 5.3 V8. It’s hard to find one in great condition but my search continues.

Recently, Danielle has been advocating for a Tesla. She is against minivans and insists, if we are going to have children, we ride in style. I like the compact fuel sipper she has now…but it’s hard to argue with somebody who has been to law school and grew up around a race track.

So, I don’t…

I have placed my Pontiac aside, as the quest for the perfect family car begins.

The other day, I got an email from the guys at asking me to take a look into their new service. At first, I was skeptical when he mentioned how easy it was to use and how detailed the search fields were. I figured I had to give my contact information, social security card, bank account number, and first born to even get one vehicle search done, but not the case.

By now, I was intrigued and I took him up on his suggestion.

Check out the short video below to get a better idea about why you might want to use Carsquare to search for your next new, used or leased car:

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YouTube video

Searching for your preferred vehicle is quite simple and you can sort the results from distance to price. The archive of reviews, found under “Car Research” on the homepage, is impressive. Before you begin your search, you can get an expert opinion on the one you are considering.

I found the video reviews most valuable.

When it comes to buying, financing, or searching for a car, truck or SUV from top auto sites in one place they have you covered. You can get CARFAX reports and information regarding recalls. Each page is nicely laid out and easy on the eyes, a big plus if you’re like me and looking at night.

I have a strong dealership background, having spent a good portion of my career on either a showroom floor or service drive. However, that is not the case for everybody, and for that, I recommend It’s easy to use and gives a car shopper more resources and tools so they can make the best decision.

Oh and there is a Tesla, 139 miles from my Detroit home. A 2013 Model S found in a fraction of a second.