Snow Covered Car

If Your Car Could Tweet: 10 Status Updates Cars Would Post

Social media makes it easy to tell the world everything we are thinking, feeling, eating, drinking, moving, purchasing, waiting for, looking at and complaining about.  And we can tag any number of people associated with said things.  Well, what if automobiles could partake in the deep intellectual world of status updates and hash tags?

What would they tell us . . . it might look a little something like this . . .

#10Hit the trash cans ONE more time! ~ posted by any car with a sore bumper

#9 –  Tape over the check engine light?  Great idea . . . ~ posted by any vehicle behind a tow truck

#8Just a few flurries, nothing to worry about ~ posted by any car in Michigan

Snow Covered Car
Anybody got an ice scraper . . . or a flame thrower . . . [credit]

#7No bean burritos allowed ~ posted by any vehicle with heated leather seats

#6This was not how I wanted to be washed ~ posted by any car with an open sunroof during rain

#5Didn’t have my accessory size . . . again! ~ posted by any vehicle a little curvier than the rest

They say curves are beautiful but this is getting ridiculous . . .

#4I scoff at cloth and snicker at their window sticker ~ posted by any luxury car with a terrible ego

#3*Gasp* ~ posted by any vehicle with a dirty air filter

#2Umm, I am All Wheel Drive, not 4 Wheel Drive, thanks ~ posted by any car desperate to explain the difference

#1Really? . . . ~ any vehicle sporting these . . .


If your car could write a status update, what do you think it would say?