Car-Themed Shoes: Wear Your Car on Your Feet

Love your car so much you can’t just stop at the car? Some people get shirts, hats, bags, and whatever else they can get their hands on with the logo of their favorite car brand.

If you really want to be unique though, how about a pair of Stilettos to complement your Lamborghini Gallaro? Or maybe you have to show off how much of a NASCAR fan you are. Well do we have some boots for you!

Read on to find your perfect footwear to blend in with your ride.

Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera Stilettos:

Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera heels

Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera edo

There crazy heels were designed by illustrator Tim Cooper, possibly to be sold by Tonino on behalf of Lamborghini. Click on the image for a high-res version.

These stilettos are incredibly gaudy, and as much as I love Lamborghini, I simply couldn’t take anyone seriously who is wearing these. Plus, I think the signature Superleggera orange or green finish would look much cooler, albeit less fashionable. Regardless, I’m sure if they do go on sale, they will sell out no matter what the price, which would surely be ridiculously expensive.

Opel Agila heels

Opel Agila shoes

Opel Agiila

Yes, these shoes do actually exist. Shoes for an enthusiast car like the Lambo is one thing, but an Opel Agila? Give me a break. Well, these shoes were created as a promotional campaign for the car, and I don’t believe they’re actually for sale. Not that they would sell anyway.

NASCAR-themed footwear

NASCAR bootsNASCAR shoes

If you or your husband owns a set of Truck Nutz, you may want to look into this NASCAR footwear.

40 million women are NASCAR fans, which makes it easy to believe that 77% of women feel that their sprit and attitude can make them beautiful. NASCAR footwear celebrates your spirit, your attitude and your beauty in a fun and sexy way.

This pseudo-racing organization has now broken into women’s footwear, bikinis (don’t get that picture into your head,) leather jackets, and other merch for the 40 million women who somehow like this “sport.”

The lime green monstrosities you see above started with a list price of $200 (ha!) and are currently on sale at for $40. Probably a statement to how many of these they sell.