Asus Tonino Lamborghini Laptop
Asus Tonino Lamborghini Laptop

Can’t Afford a New Gallardo…How About a Lamborghini Laptop Instead?

If you thought that Ferrari was the only supercar maker with a computer, think again. Tonino Lamborghini has lent the family crest to yet another “lifestyle accessory”. This time, a sleek laptop from Asus.

The slim-line computer features a gloss-black case, with the Tonino Lamborghini script, and a red version of the famous Raging Bull. Although the new laptop is no supercomputer (pun definitely intended), you can certainly cruise the information super-highway in style.

The son of company founder Ferruccio, Tonino Lamborghini has branded everything from watches, to energy drinks. His ideas of Italian Style are translated onto everyday objects like hats and umbrellas. Making the Tonino Lamborghini brand, sort of an extension of the family car business.

While the Lamborghini Gallardo might be designed by the Germans, the little Tonino Lamborghini laptop is as Italian as it gets…style trumps function.