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Cadillac Drops STS V-8 for 2011

Cadillac has experienced something of a conundrum with its CTS and STS model lineups. When the CTS was first introduced in 2002, its intended competition was the 3-Series.

With the CTS competing against the 3-Series, the STS was developed as an entry to take on the likes of the BMW 5-Series.

The second-generation CTS, introduced in 2008, threw a wrench in things by moving up in size and positioning. Since then it has straddled the line between the compact and mid-size segments, while also stepping on the STS’ toes.

The CTS and STS have simply been positioned too close – and it is clear to consumers that the CTS is the better product. The STS appears to be at the end of its life-cycle, and for 2011 the V-8 model is getting dropped from the lineup.


For 2011, the STS will be available with only a 3.6-liter V-6. The engine makes 302 horsepower and mated to a six-speed automatic transmission. This exact setup also does duty in the CTS.

Dropping the 4.6-liter V-8 for 2011 makes sense, as the engine lagged behind what other V-8 competitors were offering. At 320 hp, it provided an increase of only 18 horsepower over the V-6, while garnering worse mileage figures. With the V-6, the STS achieves 18 mpg city and 27 mpg highway.

Other changes are minimal, namely the addition of ninth-generation OnStar technology. Also, as with other models, the car is covered under new Cadillac’s four-year/50,000-mile maintenance program.

With the STS-V cancelled last year, a Performance Package with Brembo brakes, ZF Servotronic steering, self-adjusting suspension and a limited-slip differential is your only option for a sporty STS.

The front-wheel drive XTS is on the way, and Cadillac has designed that car to replace both the STS and full-size DTS.

We’re looking forward to the day Cadillac finally sorts out its lineup with defined competitors in the compact, mid-size and full-size luxury segments. For now, the STS soldiers on another year.

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  1. hey guys can any1 help me out here as i m bit stuck wid this problem. I really love this car and after such long time i am now able to get one of this car. But somewhere i read in a magazine that this car is not worth the money its asking for. So can any1 tell me whether this car gives good specs or not as compared to the price or should i switch to some other cars. Help me out.

    1. My wife has a 2009 STS and it is a great luxury vehicle but a little pricey when new. I understand that the CTS is a better selling vehicle, but I cannot get past the choppier ride of the CTS and also that popup LCD screen in the center stack. I just dont like that at all. What I would suggest is look for a lease return. These have been very popular lease cars and it is not difficult to find one 1-2 years old with low mileage in excellent shape. This is what my wife did. There were enough available at the time that she could pick the one she wanted (and color and options also). She walked away with a like new STS with a warranty with 20K mileage for less than half the sticker price.

  2. I like this car. The technology is good, even though i had to face problems within the warranty periods. Selector switch and thye rear window switch broke.

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