BumpShox – Would You Buy a Front Bumper Protector?

I’m not a big fan of front license plates – I think they ruin the lines of a car and make it look awkward in general. But if you’re in a state that requires them, you don’t have much of a choice but to see otherwise pretty cars’ front-end ruined by a misplaced rectangle.

Regardless, if you have a front plate, it might be a good idea to put it to good use and get some front bumper protection. Big SUVs look fine with those big steel bumper guards, but while some cars might look awesome with one, we generally need a different solution.

BumpShox is a new, foam-based device that serves as a bumper guard protector and license plate frame. Idiot Camry driver in that parking lot can’t judge the length of his car and backs into you? He hits the bumper protector, letting it take the abuse, instead of your car.

I don’t necessarily think it’s a great-looking device, but if you’ve already got that monstrosity of a license plate up there, why not put it use and keep your front-end from getting all bumped up?

Works on the back, too. I was in a parking lot earlier today watching someone pull in and out of a parking spot three times trying to get it straight (seriously, can people just not drive anymore?) when they succeeded! But…went too far as backed into the car behind them. No damage this time, but it’s happened to me before, and will happen again and again.

The BumpShox device is bigger than a normal license plate frame, it’s made from what they call “V-Tech energy absorbing foam,” and they promise it won’t crack, rust or bend out of shape. The frame costs $30 for one, or $50 for two (front and back or front for two cars.)

Would you buy a bumper protector like this for your car? Why or why not?

The above article is a sponsored post for BumpShox. But for real…would you get one?

  1. Interesting concept but I can't see myself putting it on my car. Now, if I lived in a bigger city and street parked daily, I'd buy them for all of my cars. Any piece of mind would be worth the cost and the akward size.

  2. Perhaps on a truck or SUV I could better understand this license plate on steroids but on a car it looks ridiculous. If the license plate is recessed into the rear bumper it wont work. Read about a solid steel guard that looks significantly better and solid steel (Superman)will always be stronger than rubber, which can rip/tear.

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