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BMW Revives MINI Rocketman Concept for London Olympics

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The opening ceremony of the Olympic Games begins in London on July 27th, 2012. With no real homegrown automaker to speak of (British brands are now all foreign-owned), BMW was selected as the official vehicle provider. 4000 vehicles will be put into circulation for use by the “Olympic family” on specially-marked roads.

That “family” is defined as dignitaries, athletes, sponsors and politicians. The main vehicles (3,000 of them) will be 320d and 520d models outfitted with special Olympic livery. The remaining models will be split between the lineup, with 200 being electric-powered.

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As the main sponsor, BMW has unveiled a special edition of the MINI Rocketman Concept, decked out in British flag colors, with a special lighted glass roof patterned after the Union Jack. You might remember the Rocketman Concept debuted at the Geneva Motor Show in 2011. It previewed a true city car in the vein of the original MINI. Today’s MINI hardtop has grown in size, and the next-generation 2014 model will be growing further.That leaves room for an even smaller version of the MINI aimed at urban dwellers.

BMW reportedly considered the car, then canceled it. Could its reemergence and accompanying press release bean indicator they are considering it? With this, BMW has put a putting the spotlight on the car again, giving it a place at the BMW Group Pavilion. Decked out with some color, we think the Rocketman looks brilliant. It is a fresh, modern take on the MINI that is begging to be produced. Given the proliferation of the MINI lineup, we don’t see any reason not to produce it. Hopefully BMW gets a good response from the car at the Games and decides to give it a go. In the meantime, we’re sure Londoners will appreciate it. MINI is a British brand if there ever was one, and this patriotic city car is a fitting tribute to the British Games.