BMW M3 Coupe Receives a Rare, Frozen Look


Since introduction in 1986, the BMW M3 has maintained an understated appearance to conceal a considerable performance beast. Coy with its class topping sport car prowess when compared to the basic BMW 3 Series, the M3 has more than sufficiently captured fans fully capable of recognizing the car’s uniqueness. The 25th year since the German auto company gave birth to the modern performance icon; BMW has granted 19 American M3 lovers the opportunity to purchase a special Frozen Black Edition Coupe.

Distinguishing the BMW M3 Frozen Black Edition Coupes at first glance is the matte black body. A colour created by BMW Individual, the Frozen Black gives a unique metallic shine. BMW Individual presents additional colour shades in the Frozen paint codes which included Frozen Gray revealed on a previously introduced M3 Coupe. Mixing with the matte black paint coating, the M3 Frozen Black Edition Coupe theme is accentuation with gloss black exterior trim pieces. The BMW kidney grille and the exhaust tips are some pieces receiving the gloss black treatment, Surrounded by high performance summer tires, black-painted, 19-inch M3 GTS wheels are found on the German coupe. The only contrast to the BMW M3 Frozen Black Edition Coupe is red brake calipers presented through the black wheels.

On the BMW M3 Frozen Black Edition Coupe, there are no mechanical modifications. The same 414 horsepower, 4-liter V-8 engine feeds motivation to the rear wheels. All Frozen Black Edition models of the BMW M3 will be matched with the 7-speed M double clutch transmission. On the standard BMW M3, the double-clutch gearbox is optional. Courtesy of the included Competition Package, the BMW M3 Frozen Black Edition Coupe rests 10 millimeters (0.39 inches) creating an impression seen more often by European tuners rather than OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). Stout performing, the BMW M3 Frozen Black Edition Coupe accelerates from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 4.5 seconds.


The interior of the BMW M3 Frozen Black Edition Coupe continues to offer a dazzling match to the exterior appearance. Upholstered with Extended Novillo carbon leather, the cabin is smartly accented by red stitching frames around the seats, headrests and dashboard surfaces. Purchasers of this special edition BMW M3 Coupe will take satisfaction in the amount presence of the latest electronic goodies on the vehicle’s equipment list. Power heated front seats, BMW Assist with Bluetooth and navigation system are found inside of the M3 Frozen Black Edition Coupe.

Selling for $79,650, the main obstacle that will face BMW enthusiasts (even those well positioned to afford the car) is the very limited availability. With only a total of 20 BMW M3 Frozen Black Edition Coupes set to be outfitted for North America, 19 will be available starting on June 16th. BMW of North America will reserve one example of the special edition sports car for sale at a future date.

Information and photo source: BMW USA