BMW 3-Series Race Car

BMW Introduces 3-Series Race Car in South Africa

Racing today has very little to do with production cars. That is never more true than in the United States with NASCAR. With race cars featuring carbon fiber bodies that bear little resemblance to their namesake production cars, it has drifted far from where it began. Ford has broke the trend somewhat with the 2013 Fusion stock car, but under the skin it and the Fusion couldn’t be farther apart.

That’s why we like to see actual production cars racing, which is what they do in South Africa with the Bridgestone SA Production Car Championship. BMW South America has fielded a racing car for the Championship, and it based on the 3-Series. The 3-Series has gotten a lot of praise for its excellent handling and dynamics. It is only fitting then that it would be used in racing, right? We think so.

02 bmw f30 race car

The new race car uses a lot of components from BMW’s M Performance Parts line unveiled at Geneva. M Performance Parts is a way to spice up your BMW without going for the full M monte. Clearly though, a lot more was used than M Performance parts as the car has a price tag of $290K. For competition duty, ADF Motorsport took a 335i and gave it a full working over. Power comes from BMW’s N55 turbocharged inline six-cylinder.

In this application it makes 400 horsepower and 440 pound feet of torque. Power boost is thanks to reworked engine control software and modified exhaust and turbocharger systems. Some of the specific M Performance parts used are things lie the front disk brakes, 18” BBS rims and Akrapovic exhaust system. This partnership is going to be a beneficial one for M Performance parts, as it will put them front and center. Carbon fiber elements help to reduce overall weight to about 2,998 pounds. down from about 3406. We’re eager to see how the car fares out on the track.