BMW 760Li May Be Axed For Next-Generation Model

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With small, efficient engines (think Ford’s three-cylinder EcoBoost) and electric vehicles dominating the headlines, twelve-cylinder engines might seem like a relic of the past. They certainly aren’t very politically correct, that’s for sure.

The fact is that for very high-end models, such as Bentley and Rolls Royce, there is still a market for these cars. That’s because there is a certain prestige attached to having 12 cylinders. For most though, even the wealthy among us, having that many cylinders doesn’t make that much sense.

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There is more maintenance and upkeep and today’s direct-injected and turbo-charged V-8s provide more than enough power. Not to mention that V-8s offer better efficiency. These factors are combining to make removal of the 760Li from the BMW line-up a possibility. Christoph Priemel, BMW Australia’s product and pricing manager, spoke with CarAdvice about this. “The planning for whether the V-12 engine will be kept, that’s not decided yet….there’s certainly some focuses where [the car’s planners] set targets in the sense of where emissions should go or what technology should be introduced, but whether it [the 7 Series V12] will be continued or not, the final call has not been made.”

Sales of the range-topping 760Li have been limited, but there still is a market for the car right now. “The V12 is just the ultimate 7 Series in a certain way, and there will all the time be a particular customer base specifically wanting the prestige and the heritage of the car” says Priemel. The 7-series has had a V-12 engine ever since its second-generation model in 1987. This year, BMW commemorated the V-12’s twenty-fifth anniversary with a special-edition model. The next-generation 7-series is due in 2016. That means the current car will have to go up against a redesigned S-class for a few years. Priemel says to expect dramatic design change for the next 7-series aimed at setting it apart from the rest of the line-up. Save for the Bangle-designed previous generation 7, the car’s design has remained pretty consistent over the years. We are looking forward to seeing what designers have in store for the 2016 model.