BIGFOOT’s Going to 2010 All-Star Game Wearing a Bowtie

bigfoot front

When the first BIGFOOT 4X4 monster truck was built 35 years ago, it was a Ford pickup above the tractor tires and modified suspension. When BIGFOOT crushed its very first car in a soybean field, it was a Ford pickup that fell through the air. As BIGFOOT grew into a multi-million dollar empire spawning show vehicles, video games and even an animated movie, Ford trucks were part of the monster truck’s rise. However, residents and visitors to the city of Anaheim may have noticed starting July 7th an anomaly is presented to the BIGFOOT followers. For the first time ever, the BIGFOOT name is being worn on a Chevrolet pickup.

Built as a special promotional vehicle for the upcoming 2010 Major League Baseball All-Star game being held in the California city July 13th, BIGFOOT 4X4 Inc., the company which runs several variants of BIGFOOT trucks, was commissioned to create a special truck to be used through ceremonies surrounding the event. A purpose-built monster truck vehicle, a Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck body wears the special red, white and blue paint scheme in honour of MLB. As a finishing styling touch, the famous BIGFOOT name is worn on the Silverado’s front fenders.


Powered by a 540 cubic inch Chevrolet Big Block engine, the All-Star game BIGFOOT Chevy is estimated to produce between 600-700 horsepower to massive Firestone tires. Since smoothness is unnecessary for operating within a monster truck event, four-wheel drive momentum is passed from a two-speed automatic transmission based on GM’s Powerglide family.

Used as a show vehicle through the week leading up to the 2010 MLB All-Star game, the Chevy-power BIGFOOT is described by BIGFOOT 4X4 Inc. vice president Bob Trent warmly. In a release Trent said “We are proud to represent not only BIGFOOT at this year’s Major League Baseball All-Star Game activities, but Chevrolet and Firestone as well. What’s more American than Chevrolet?”

Understandably for some fans of the acclaimed ‘Original Monster Truck’, the sight of a bowtie badge is like a dagger into the hearts of pure Ford fans. Since Chevrolet is the official vehicle of the MLB, even the legendary BIGFOOT has to bow to corporate influence. But blue oval fans can they comfort to knowing the Chevrolet-powered BIGFOOT will not change their 35 year old commitment with Ford Motor Company. Maintaining a fleet of Ford-badged monster trucks for competition and promotional events, the team’s newest addition is a Ford Super Duty-inspired Ms. BIGFOOT driven by Amber Walker.

Information Source: BIGFOOT 4X4 Inc., GM Media
Photo source: GM Media