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Gearhead Gift Guide: 7 Best Gifts For Car Guys This Holiday Season

Tear your list to shreds and put your shopping on hold for a minute; we came up with a list of the best gifts for car guys this holiday season. Car lovers are notoriously hard to shop for because they can be very particular about what gear goes into their steel babies. The truth is, only the best accessories will ever make it into a true car lover’s heart. You don’t want to end up giving a pair of useless seat covers and a cell phone holder that really serve no purpose.

What Are The Best Gifts For Car Guys?

The scrolling list below includes seven of the best gifts for car guys. We determined the list by looking and the most useful and cost-effective items on the market. You don’t have to spend a lot to really get something the car guy (or gal) in your life will really appreciate.

#1: Car Escape Tool Keychain

Best gifts for car guys: car escape tool key chain.

Every car owner should have one of these, not only car lovers. Accidents can happen any time, and the worst thing you can do is be unprepared. Keychain car escape tools usually have a seat belt cutter, mini pry bar/flat screwdriver, and a glass breaker or a combination of each. This gift can save lives and is one of the best on this list.

This car escape tool from resqme has some great ratings and is very affordable.

#2: Crate Full of Car Detailing Stuff

Best gifts for car guys: wash and wax kit.

Perfect for the car nut who can’t stand a speck of dirt or mud on his/her ride. Before you go out and pick random cleaners and wax, it’s a good idea to do a little recon on what the gift recipient likes to use. Once you’re in the know, fill a crate or bucket with their favorite car detailing goods and prepare for one of the biggest smiles you’re going to get.

We recommend the new product line from Turtle Wax. We have had a good experience with Mothers products as well.

#3: Trunk Organizer

Best gifts for car guys: portable trunk organizer.

Trunk organizers are great at keeping any trunk neat and organized. Most organizers have compartments big enough to swallow two bags of groceries, tools, cables, and other clutter that populate the trunk. And they’re collapsible in case you need to reclaim some space. Either way, trunk organizers are one of the best gifts for car guys this holiday season.

Even better than a trunk organizer? Two trunk organizers, one with a different pocket configuration! Amazon has a number of options available.

#4: Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) with a 12V DC Digital Tire Inflator

Best gifts for car guys: tire pressure monitor and inflator.

One of the most annoying parts of owning a car is always checking whether the tires have the correct pressure. Over and under-inflated tires each have their own set of issues that can damage your wheels or lead to poor fuel economy. A TPMS solves having to check the tires all the time manually, and a portable tire inflator beats going to the gas station.

There are a number of options on the market for under $40.00, and some even under $30.00.

#5: Jump Starter Kit

Jumper Cables

A jump starter makes for a great gift for those emergencies where the car won’t’ start, or another driver needs help. Like car escape key chains, jump starters should be a staple in any car owner’s toolbox. Try getting a jump starter with a portable battery included for really dire situations. As one of the best gifts for cars guys across the board, you won’t regret seeing their reaction on Christmas morning when they open the kit.

#6: OBD II Scanner

Best gifts for car guys: OBD II scan tool.

OBD II scanners are easily one of the best gifts for car guys. They provide all kinds of useful information about a vehicle’s performance and maintenance schedule. Choose one that is robust enough to track a car’s overall health and components. Some of the better ones can send information to the user’s phone.

Amazon offers a number of reasonably-priced scanners with free shipping for Prime members. If the car guy in your life doesn’t have one of these, or they have not had a new one in some time, this is a gift they will really appreciate.

#7: Real-Time Car Tracker & Alert System

Best gifts for car guys: real-time tracker and alert system.

There’s nothing more annoying than a blaring car alarm that went off due to a false alarm. If your car lover has a dated alarm system, help him/her get a meaningful update via a 3G or 4G powered car tracker. The tracker serves up real-time data on what’s going on with the car. It can alert the owner when it detects vibrations, movement, or if the engine was started. This device can even send notifications via a smartphone app and alert the owner.

Pricing will likely vary based on the size and different capabilities of the tracker, but most real-time car trackers are fairly affordable through Amazon. The only drawback to this gift is the monthly service fee.

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