Bert and Ernie Guides TomTom GPS Through Sesame Street


Sunny days keeping the clouds away. For almost every youngster of the past 40 years, these words are instantly assessed from memory as the cheery opening to the popular educational/entertainment program Sesame Street. Based on teachings that have led us down a direct path during childhood, how would you like having your favourite Sesame Street guide you through the real world destination? Thanks spirit of cooperation demonstrated on Sesame Street, Locutio Voice Technologies with The Sesame Network provides TomTom customers long-time muppet friends Bert and Ernie as a downloadable voice guide.

Perhaps catering predominantly to parents who want to amuse their children during the trips to schools or other obligations, the Bert and Ernie voice download for TomTom could also be suited individual who wants to reconnect with their simpler childhood (I‘ll never judge). Part of an ongoing ability to bring character to once-faceless voice of a GPS unit, Locutio Voice Technologies has been involved in offering downloadable celebrity voices compatible with the products of Garmin and TomTom. Locutio Voice Technologies most recent collaborations have provided Star Wars universe’s Yoda and Darth Vader as well as the world’s most beloved dysfunctional father Homer Simpson.

Unique with the Bert and Ernie voice download is both characters share the turn-by-turn instruction duties. Making for what could be one of the most entertaining audio shows ever the come out of a TomTom GPS unit, some of the chatter expected from the navigation device through the Bert and Ernie download includes Ernie saying “U-turn ahead, Bert.” only for Bert to question “Just me turn?”. Resolving the confusion between the muppets, Ernie clarifies “All of us Bert.” Another Bert and Ernie sound sample “after 300 meters (that’s 3-0-0) we have reached our destination” followed by the playful laughs of the Sesame Street characters.

Costing $12.95 US, the Bert and Ernie voice download can be purchased through the TomTom website. Capable of installation when a compliant TomTom device is connected to your home computer, Bert and Ernie should join your daily driving routine as easy 1-2-3.

If you are considering the download for your TomTom device or if you need convincing to buy a navigational system ahead of Thanksgiving and Christmas, maybe a special presentation from the Sesame Street duo can persuade a parent. Promoting the new Bert and Ernie voice download, TomTom has released some behind the scenes footage as the characters themselves are recording their messages. Uploaded to Youtube by the GPS unit provider, over two and a half minute clip is brought to you by the letter H; the letter H standing for hilarious. Judging the computer literacy rate of young children, the moment the pair breaks into their friendly bickering a parent will be hard pressed to not fork out the $12.95 US for Bert and Ernie to join car rides.

Information and photo source: TomTom

  1. I can see how this might be good for parents with small children and $12.95 really is a fair price.  As long as you can turn them off when the kids aren’t in the car…

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