Bentley Silverlake

This New Bentley Fragrance Will Probably Get You a Second (Maybe Even Third) Date

Bentley Fragrances is introducing the next addition to its Bentley for Men collection. The new Bentley fragrance called Silverlake has a “great outdoors” scent, according to the automaker. Up-and-coming perfumer Ane Ayo created the scent for Bentley by developing layers of crisp, aromatic notes, which are peerless and sustainable. The Firmenich label, Naturals Together, helped source the materials via ethical and sustainable means. 

The Layers of The Silverlake Bentley Fragrance

  • Top: Lemon Sfuma essence, Peppermint essence (Naturals Together).
  • Heart: Lavender essence (Naturals Together), Pink pepper essence (Naturals Together), Violet leaf absolute (Naturals Together).
  • Base: Ambery woods, Musk.

Bentley describes the scent as an initial rush of ice-cool notes. From there, lemon and peppermint essences blend to create “the effect of a gust of pure, invigorating mountain air.” If that doesn’t get you a second date, nothing will. 

Silverlake (Bentley fragrance)
The new Bentley fragrance called Silverlake has a “great outdoors” scent.

Silverlake Availability

Silverlake will be available from select fragrance stores and Bentley Retailers in a 100ml bottle. Even the bottle and the box get the Bentley treatment. The silver bottle is designed after the curves of a modern Bentley while the box is a mix of hot-stamped silver, black, and white. The Bentley emblem is emblazoned on the box too (of course). 

Photos & Source: Bentley Motors.