Beloved Datsun Truck Brings Back Memories

If you have been so lucky, you know the joy of a dependable vehicle. If you currently own one, you can trust it to go anywhere. And if you have since sold it, you fondly recall the many good times you shared with the vehicle. Marvin Askew has one such story, buying his Datsun 1600 on November 30th, 1971 at Hippodrome Datsun in Nashville, Tennessee for about $2000.

From that day forth, he used it for just about everything from hauling fire wood to seeing friends.

“This was his baby,” said Dan Tito, Nashville businessman and second owner of the Datsun truck. “Marvin didn’t have a name for it, but we named it ‘Sweet Pea’ obviously because of its color.”

Askew still speaks highly of the truck.

“This man can stand here and talk about this truck hour upon hour upon hour. When you have something for 42 years and take this good of care of it, obviously it meant a lot to him,” he said.

Tito saw Askew at a local gas station and asked if he could buy it. At first, Askew was hesitant but once he learned Tito was an avid car collector and his beloved Datsun would have a good home, he agreed. Tito, realizing the historical significance and perfect condition of the truck, contacted Nissan.

Sweat Pea is now part of the Heritage Collection inside Nissan’s U.S. headquarters near Nashville.

*Carl Anthony is Managing Editor of Automoblog and resides in Detroit, Michigan.

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