Heroic F 150

Beached Tractor Trailer Rescued by Heroic F-150

The typical items needed for a trip to the beach generally include: sunscreen, towel, umbrella, volleyball, sun glasses, cocktails, big muscles, Speedo, metal detector and chainsaw.  Wondering about the latter?  Watch the cinematic masterpiece Sharknado.  When the sharks start to fly out of the water, a properly functioning chainsaw is what keeps you from being lunch AND saves the sun tanning hottie next to you.

However, we may want to add F-150 to that list, particularly one equipped with the 5.0 engine.

See the video below courtesy of the F-150 Forum.

Although no statistics exist on how many tractor trailers are beached each year, I suspect the problem is growing.

And it’s a cause worth getting behind.

YouTube video

F-150 5.0 L Ti-VCT 4-Valve V8 FFV Quick Specifications:
Horsepower: 360@5500
Torque: 380@4250
Aluminum Engine Block
E85 Capable