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Every so often (daily), Danielle and I talk (have long conversations) about the “dream cars” we will one day own. While there are a few (many) on the list, living in Detroit gives us an inherent affinity for American muscle. Which is why the Chevrolet Camaro, especially the first generation, always appears on our list.

Given Danielle grew up in the shop of her family’s Michigan-based trucking company, it’s probably not at all surprising.

Family & Future

Her family built an honorable legacy in a rural Michigan community that may well have disappeared without them. This was seen recently at her grandmother’s funeral as memories were recalled and stories were shared. For Danielle and many others who gravitate towards the Camaro, it’s about what the car represents; it’s about what that slice of American Iron truly means. For some, it’s honest work. For others, family and faith. And for others, it’s just simply the thrill of hearing the engine rev. But whatever the reasons, because the legacy of such cars live forever, as long as we are attached to them in some way, we can too.

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Lasting Legacy

The Complete Book of Camaro: Every Model Since 1967 chronicles the Camaro’s journey, beginning with the original “Panther” concept. Literally every model since 1967 is featured, complete with beautiful photos and detailed technical specifications. The Complete Book of Camaro shows the early pony car wars with Ford and how the second generation became instantly recognizable with unique styling. The book dives into the muscle car renaissance of the 1980s and how the Camaro continued into the 90s, then uncharted waters.

No matter how many times I think I’ve seen the Camaro, I’ve never quite seen it like this.


David Newhardt is one of the top automotive writers and photographers today. He has provided photography for best-selling Motorbooks titles like Muscle: America’s Legendary Performance Cars, Corvette: Fifty Years, Mustang: Forty Years, Mopar Muscle: Fifty Years, and Shelby Mustang: Racer for the Street.

The Complete Book of Camaro: Every Model Since 1967 is available through Amazon and Motorbooks.

The Complete Book of Camaro Gallery

Another excellent book is Camaro: Fifty Years of Chevy Performance, which we featured recently in our Book Garage series.

  1. I have this book and it’s an outstanding view and facts about the Camaro, but it only goes up to 2013 unless he has updated it since then. No 6th Gen Camaros?

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