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Early action at the 1963 Daytona 500. Richard Petty was still called “Dick” or “Lee Petty’s kid,” and drivers—and journalists— were discovering the benefits of drafting on NASCAR superspeedways. According to Ray Brock in Hot Rod magazine, “Dick Petty gained 10 mph” by drafting faster cars. Archives/TEN: The Enthusiast Network Magazines, LLC

Automoblog Book Garage: Charger, Road Runner & Super Bee: 50 Years of Chrysler B-Body Muscle

Danielle and I often go out for coffee to get away from the demands of the work week. On a recent Friday evening, this was the case. It’s funny because I always look forward to putting on my “nice” clothes. This mean a t-shirt, jeans, and Detroit Lions hat.

One of my “nice” shirts is black, with the Scat Pack Super Bee racing across it. I wore that out for coffee recently and the barista commented on it.

Imagine if I had the actual car?

Big Power

In 1966, the Dodge Charger was the first Chrysler product marketed to the baby boomers. Even the name is synonymous with muscle, power, and rebellion. It looked good in the driveway reflecting the sun, it looked good burning rubber on the street, and it looked especially good on the big screens of Hollywood.

Charger inspired the rest of Chrysler’s B-Body muscle crew; the Plymouth Road Runner and Super Bee, particularly.

New Discoveries

Charger, Road Runner & Super Bee: Fifty Years of Chrysler B-Body Muscle follows the entire B-Body story, from the original Dodge Charger to the Charger of today. The glory days between 1966 to 1971 are highlighted, but the years between and current era are covered too.

There is a lot about the Charger I didn’t realize.

Did you know the Charger was once a personal luxury car? Yes, it’s true, with Corinthian Leather and all. And a hot hatchback inspired by Carroll Shelby? Charger, Road Runner & Super Bee: Fifty Years of Chrysler B-Body Muscle chronicles all of this, right up to the modern day return of the Charger in 2006.


James Manning Michels is a lifelong automotive enthusiast, accomplished road racer, and former acquisitions editor for Motorbooks, who we partner with for this series. He is the author of How to Repair Your Scooter and co-author of 365 Motorcycles You Must Ride.


Charger, Road Runner & Super Bee: Fifty Years of Chrysler B-Body Muscle is available through Amazon and Motorbooks. Don’t forget your Super Bee t-shirt either . . . of course, if you have an actual Super Bee, that’s much better.

*Carl Anthony is Managing Editor of Automoblog and resides in Detroit, Michigan.  

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