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Automoblog Book Garage: Aston Martin DB: 70 Years

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When we think of James Bond, it’s impossible to do so without an Aston Martin by his side. When we discuss the best cars of Britain, it’s impossible to do so without a nod to Aston Martin. And it’s arguably two letters that make all the difference for the marquee: DB or the initials of one Sir David Brown, a modest engineer who, as described by author Andrew Noakes, “had an irrepressible appetite for speed.”

Discerning Creations

Aston Martin DB is the ideal book for any fan of the brand, or any sports car enthusiast in general. It dives into the heart of Aston Martin, from the company’s origins in 1912 to Brown’s arrival in 1947. The book shows how Aston Martin, with Brown at the helm, redefined what founder Lionel Martin called his desire to build a car for the “discerning owner driver.” Along the way, we are privy to Aston Martin’s story and technology, while being treated to over 250 rare images from the Aston Martin Heritage Trust archive.

Through The Years

We find the very first DB1, the iconic DBs of the 1960s, and the latest DB11 featured in fine detail. Bond fans will enjoy seeing the DB5 from Goldfinger and the more recent DB10. We really liked the extensive engineering and racing history dedicated to the DB2 and DB2/4, two of Aston Martin’s most prominent cars during the 1950s. Certainly one for the coffee table at home, Aston Martin DB: 70 Years is available through Motorbooks or Amazon.

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Aston’s driver line-up at Sebring in 1953. From left: George Abecassis, Peter Collins, Geoff Duke, and Reg Parnell. (Page 59).


Noakes has been writing about cars for more than 20 years. He was trained as an automotive engineer but decided to go into motoring journalism, working for Fast Car magazine before launching his own series entitled Classics. Noakes has been freelance writing since 2002, reporting on cars for a variety of magazines and websites. He is a chairman of the Guild of Motoring Writers and has taught motoring journalism at Coventry University since 2006.

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