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Builder: Rick Dore - 1951 Mercury Hardtop Coupe

Automoblog Book Garage: Art of the Hot Rod

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It’s pretty hard not to love a classic hot rod. Hot rods capture the imagination so profoundly, people will spend their lives building and restoring them. We saw that firsthand in a book we featured recently in this series. Cars like these are idolized in song lyrics and reminisced about through long conversations.

The magnificence of the machinery comes alive in the stories and people behind these amazing cars.

Powerful Profiles

Art of the Hot Rod: Collector’s Edition profiles elite builders like Pete Chapouris, Roy Brizio, Vern Tardel, and Troy Trepanier all in one place. The book contains studio portraits of their most outstanding custom creations, complete with exclusive photographic prints you can frame for your office or garage.

Art of the Hot Rod: Collector’s Edition celebrates the combination of mechanical intuition and inspired design found in these cars. They were built from the ground up, carefully crafted from salvaged or hand-built parts. The classic element is retained but with modern technology to make them powerful on the road. These hot rods are true works of art, meaning this book is titled accordingly.

If you love hot rods, you need to have this one on your coffee table.


An automobile and motorcycle enthusiast since childhood, Ken Gross was Executive Director of the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, California for five years. His car, travel, and motorcycle writing has appeared in the Robb Report, Rodder’s Journal, Automobile Magazine, and Road & Track.


Peter Harholdt is a lifelong car enthusiast, SCCA racer, and preeminent studio photographer. He has photographed countless works of art, many of them priceless, for museums and exhibit catalogs.

Art of the Hot Rod: Collector’s Edition is available through Amazon and Motorbooks.

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