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Though it was heavier than earlier versions, the 1968 GTO was still a force to be reckoned with at the drag strip. Photo: GM Media Archives.

Automoblog Book Garage: 3 Awesome Books to Gift This Holiday Season

Book Garage

It’s that time of year again. Mistletoes, eggnog, wreaths, carolers at the door, and the joys of waiting until the last minute to shop. Perhaps you have a car guy or girl on your shopping list? You might consider one of these books for their coffee table.

You can order them online, so you don’t have to brave the cold and the lines at the 11th hour before Christmas..

Our Book Garage series is packed with many different titles – each of them would make a wonderful gift for the car buff in your family, but these are a few of our favorites.

American Fabrics

Ford Motor Company is part of the fabric of American culture, and their F-Series workhorses continually stitch together things we value as a nation. Things like hard work, dedication, and determination are reflected wonderfully in the F-Series. With the advent of new innovations, the F-Series also reflects a unique combination of luxury and capability.

The Complete Book of Classic Ford F-Series Pickups details the rise of this infamous, best-selling vehicle. The book documents crown jewels like the very first F-1 pickup in 1948 and the first 4×4 in 1959. The engines, transmissions, and various trim levels through the years are highlighted, and the accompanying photos make for a nice touch.


Dan Sanchez has been in the automotive media for more than 20 years. His work has appeared in Mustang Enthusiast, Popular Hot Rodding, Hot Rod, and many other magazines.

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Photo: Ford Motor Company.

GTO Fury

One of my favorite stories is how Pontiac Chief Engineer John Z. DeLorean, with Bill Collins and Russ Gee, bolted a 389 ci V8 onto a Tempest chassis prototype for the GTO. 20 minutes later, the muscle car era was born.

In my work in the automotive industry, I sometimes communicate this story to people. When asked why I pursue the work I do, I often refer to this story for inspiration. Such stories show that when ingenuity combines with raw power, the results are truly memorable.

Pontiac GTO 50 Years: The Original Muscle Car captures the GTO’s evolution from concept to classic. Hundreds of photographs line the pages, documenting the various designs, packages, and product launches through the years. If you have a muscle car lover on your Christmas list, this is most certinately the book for them.

Author & Photographer

Darwin Holmstrom has written, co-written, or contributed to over thirty books on subjects ranging from motorcycles and muscle cars to Gibson Les Paul guitars. David Newhardt accompanies Holmstrom with his detailed eye and vivid photography. He has provided photography for a number of Motorbooks titles.

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The Judge attracted a crowd at car shows. Photo: GM Media Archives.

American Heros

I wish I were a Jeep guy. I mean, I am a Jeep guy, I just don’t have one. The Jeep crowd strikes me as one of the most loyal groups in the automotive universe. It seems if you have a Jeep, you are in a special club of enthusiasts, and I hope to join that club with my own Wrangler one day.

Like their famous seven slot grille reflects, Jeep is proven on all seven continents. There was a time that capability on the world’s continents was translated into fighting for freedom. As Tom Brokaw profiled the people of the Greatest Generation, Patrick Foster shows the machines of democracy in Jeep: The History of America’s Greatest Vehicle.

The book highlights over 70 years of Jeep history, starting with the brand’s contribution to the Allied Powers in World War II. The book expounds on Jeep’s more difficult years, its storied survival, and rightful place in American history.


Foster is a widely known and respected automotive writer and historian. In 2011, he was honored with the Lee Iacocca Award, one of the most distinguished honors in automotive writing.


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It took great courage to overcome one’s fears and drive off a landing craft under fire, but many a young man had to do it. Notice the snorkels mounted on the Jeeps; these are for fording deep water. Photo: Jeep.

Holiday Shopping

These books are available through Amazon or Motorbooks. In addition, our Book Garage series is packed with a number of great titles for the car enthusiast on your shopping list this holiday season.