The Ultimate Guide to the Autobahn (Infographic)

I have always wanted to visit Germany and drive on the infamous Autobahn. When I was a kid, the Autobahn was an enigma to me and my car loving buddies. And truth be told, it still is even in my adult years. When I see something like a BMW M3, I often think how awesome it would be to have it on the Autobahn!

Autobahn comes from the word “Bundesautobahn,” meaning “federal motorway” or “federal auto track.” While traveling in Germany, motorists are accustomed to seeing a capital “A” and a corresponding number. 

In Germany, the larger roads running the entire country are assigned a single digit, while smaller, more regional stretches are given a double digits. The shortest Autobahns are denoted by a three digit number.

By contrast, in the United States, the Eisenhower Interstate System has odd numbers running north and south, while even numbers run east and west. An Interstate, divisible by 5, often spans the length of the country.

Our friends at insurance4carhire put together this wonderful graphic explaining more about the iconic Autobahn. If you have personally traveled in Germany, let us know how it compares to other roads in the world.

*Carl Anthony is Managing Editor of Automoblog and resides in Detroit, Michigan.