Audi Teams with Renevo Bikes for Zero Emission Travel

audi duo road hardwood bicycle

Through the past years, automotive enthusiasts have been bombarded by words like “low emissions’, “zero emissions” and “low carbon footprint”. Shown various kinds of hybrids and fully electric vehicles as well as enhancements in internal combustion engine technology, prolonged distances between fuel stops is becoming a reality. For all the great things the automobile is and has done in the world, the self-propelled nature of travel requires a great amount of energy from some location. For true zero emissions travel, bicycling is the life of the lucky and motivated urban dwellers or the recreation for many more individuals. Hooking up with Oregon-based Renevo Hardwood Bicycles, luxury carmaker Audi shares their badge in a cooperative effort on two wheels.

The Audi duo hardwood bicycles (a play on the German automaker’s trademark quattro name) is not the first time seeing an automotive manufacturer. Many of the luxury brands including BMW and Cadillac as well as other popular car companies has allowed merchandising of bikes in order to enrich their lifestyle line catalogues. Basic licensing deals, the Audi and Renevo Hardwood Bicycle deal differs in the fact that two organizations worked in the development specific bicycles designs.

A completed Audi duo hardwood bicycle is a fusion of a German auto company, American bike maker and an Italian construction process. Deviating from Audi’s aluminum construction, the Audi duo bicycles does embrace the lightweight principles the German luxury brand has advocated in their four-wheel designs. Instead of a once exotic metal, the Audi duo bicycle frame uses an early-discovered lightweight material, wood. Said to be ¼ the weight of aluminum, the hardwood construction performed on the Audi bicycles boast a superior ride over metallic-framed bikes. Hosting more than just a performance advantage over other bicycles, the hardwood bicycles are promoted as more environmentally friendly being both recyclable and biodegradable. Utilized to manufacture bicycles over 200 years ago, Renevo Hardwood Bicycles has hand-built their wooden framed products in a monocoque fashion. Wood pieces are bonded together inside an oven over a process that involves six times under heat and a CNC machine. Finely crafted through painstaking attention, Renevo Hardwood Bicycles fit perfectly with the four-ring Audi badge.

Three models of the Audi duo bicycle series is introduced for 2011. Suited for casual riding, the 8-speed City model performs ideally for travelling to the local bistro or taking part in a gentle ride around the park. For the workout crowd, the duo Sport is more preferably designed for longer distance rides. An 11-speed bicycle, the Sport version of the Audi duo features a Gates CenterTrack belt drive and 28 millimeter, puncture resistant tires. For serious bike enthusiasts, the Duo Road provides best speed potential with narrow tires and minimizing accessories.

A stunning set of bikes, the Audi duo hardwood bicycle line-up aspires to be held in the same regard as their automobiles. Insuring the bicycle line achieves the same premium allure by charging a premium price. For the entry-level duo City bicycle, the all-inclusive price including shipping is $6,530. Higher up the Audi duo bicycle price range, the middle line Sport model is priced at $7,350 while the top of the line duo Road model is a $7,460 investment on person-powered transportation. Less than the price of a used Audi, the Renevo-built duo bicycles is quite an expense considering there are only half the number of wheels and no engine.

Information Source: Audi AG, Renevo Hardwood Bicycles
Photo Source: Audi AG