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2015 Audi S3 by Audi Exclusive

Audi Launches Special Edition U.S. Spec S3

2015 Audi S3 Exclusives

For 2015, Audi is launching an ultra-limited, special edition version of their sporty S3 compact sedan, specially for the U.S. market.

So, what does this “special edition” S3 have to offer that the regular S3 already doesn’t? and how much will it cost to get one? 

Well, the answer for the first question is that Audi of America has created an Exclusive Edition package that includes five colorful paint and interior trims.

The answer to the second question is, that depending on the color you select, your final out-of-the-door price will be either $57,250 or $59,900.

Yes, I know, that it is a ridiculous amount of money for a compact performance sport sedan and yes, I also know that there are many other and sometimes even better vehicles you can buy at the price range.

But, guess what?

Audi executives also know there will be a very limited amount of customers who are willing to fork over that much money for this car. So, to keep the vehicle’s exclusivity high, Audi will be building only 25 of these Special Edition models for the entire country.

When it arrives during the summer, the Special Edition S3 models will be available in five bright colors. Two of these colors are already available on the S3, while the remaining three colors are an Audi Exclusive option. The two already available colors are Sepang Blue and Misano Red  and they will have the final price of $57,250. 

The three ultra-bright colors not included in the current S3 paint range are Viper Green, Vegas Yellow, and Glut Orange and cars equipped with anyone of these paint schemes will have a final price of $59,900. 

To ensure the rarity and future collect-ability of these Special Edition S3s, Audi will build only units in each of these colors for a grand total of 25.

For those who are contemplating on buying this car, you need to know that these Special Edition Audi S3s will be fully loaded and will feature the Prestige Package, the Performance Package with 19-inc wheels, and the optional S Sports seats. 

For price comparison, the base 2015 Audi S3 has a starting price of $41,995. But, when you add the packages mentioned above, a similarly specified non-Special Edition Audi S3 will command a final price of $50,500. 

So, the next logical question will be: “what does the additional money buy me then in these special edition S3 models?” 

For starters, the additional $6,750 buys you body-colored inlays on the inside, plus an extended leather package with stitching that matches the exterior color and the door inlays.

Also, the higher final price includes the $2,650 for the non-S3 paint options.

However, if you missed your chance to grab one of these 25 Special Edition S3 models, then don’t worry too much because Audi Exclusive will build you a similarly equipped S3 in any color of your imagination – at a much higher cost.

If you are interested and are okay with spending this much money on a compact sport sedan, you better hurry to your local Audi dealership, with the checkbook in your pocket, because these cars will be snatched up immediately by eager collectors nationwide.

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