Audi R8 LMS front Essen

Audi R8 LMS Debuts At Essen Motorshow

Well, Audi up and made it official, debuting the pretty damn impressive Audi R8 LMS at the Essen Motorshow. It’s their first-ever racing sports car specifically developed customers and will be available by autumn of 2009 for around $332,000 U.S.

The mill is a mid-mounted 500+ HP V10 engine connected to a brand new six-speed sequential sports gearbox. The R8 LMS is rear wheel drive, since GT3 regulations prohibit the use of four-wheel drive (sadly).

Audi will run the R8 LMS on track during the 2009 season with up to eight customer cars competing in different European race series as well as running a special endurance version of the R8 LMS at the 24-hour race at the Nurburgring.

OK Porsche, Mercedes et al, let’s see what you got.