Audi Nixes Quattro Concept, May Build Three-Door Crossover

Audi quattro Concept 2010 1280x960 wallpaper 02

In 2010 Audi debuted the Quattro Concept at the Paris Motor Show. It wowed crowds with a modern-day take on the original Ur-Quattro. This is after a lot of rumors and speculation that Audi was developing such a car. With a response so favorable, we were hoping Audi would green light it.

After all, the company is centered around performance and has green lighted numerous different model lines to that end over the past few years. According to CAR Magazine, that is exactly the point. With the TT-RS, S5, RS5 and R8 Audi thinks the market for performance coupes is pretty well taken care of already.

Audi quattro Concept 2010 1280x960 wallpaper 08

We’d have to agree – the Quattro Coupe would be a very limited production model if produced. Why does reality have to get in the way sometimes? CAR reports that the name Quattro Coupe may still be used though – but instead on a crossover. We can hear groans already. However, the idea may have some merit. The original Ur-Quattro was a rallying model designed to go off-road – and to be honest the Quattro Concept is entirely a road-going machine.

A raised height off-road model could capture the intent of the original in a new way. The car wouldn’t be a five-door either, but rather a specialty three-door model after the Range Rover Evoque. We like the sounds of that. There’s another factor in this equation as well – Porsche is busy developing the Macan CUV. Could the potential new Audi share a platform with the Porsche? It seems like the perfect pairing, except for the fact that the two will probably be stepping on each others toes. So far the Volkswagen Group hasn’t seemed particularly concerned with that though (what with seven brands and all). Whether you’re for or against it, the idea is still an interesting one to ponder. We’ll have to see if anything comes of it.