Audi Fielding BMW X6 Competitor?


BMW’s X6 perhaps pioneered the coupe-like crossover, and since then the company has been engaged in various segment-blending exercises. Meanwhile, Audi has been expanding its lineup just to the point of getting all the basis covered. There are three crossovers: Q7, Q5 and Q3. All three have been incredibly successful.

Audi’s sales success has been fueled by an expansion of models across the board. This year, growth is being fueled by the A1 small car (not sold in the United States), the redesigned A6 sedan and new A7 Sportback.

Last month, Audi became the second-largest luxury automaker in the world, behind the BMW Group. This puts Audi well on track to its goal of becoming the world’s largest luxury automaker.


Right now, Audi’s crossovers follow pretty close to usual norms in their respective segments. But the next ones could be performance-focused. According to CAR, new models on the table include a Q1, Q4 and Q6. We think the Q6 is definitely the one to see the light of day out of those models.

The Q4 would share underpinnings with the Porsche Cajun and be a two-door model similar to the 2-door Land Rover Evoque variant. Audi is said to be evaluating three possibilities for this car: a premium crossover coupe just in two-door form, a dedicated sports model or an off-road Allroad variant. The performance iteration could certainly put it too close to the Porsche. Regardless though, it would likely be very low in volume.

The Q6 would be a dramatic crossover with a Car says would have a set of advantages over the X6 that include a larger volume interior for better passenger space, increased visibility, easier entry and exit, a bigger cargo area, and a lower loading lip.

Overall, sounds like it would be more practical – imagine that! Hopefully it’ll still manage to be striking in design. The Q6 would supposedly be based off the Q5, with a debut coming in 2016 (!) to coincide with the redesigned Q5. Talk about late to the party – that is over five years away!