Audi Expanding Small Car Lineup


Audi finds itself in a bit of a bind when it comes to available products to sell, versus market perceptions here in the U.S. They make a great range of cars, from large to small, but they’re not perceived as a small carmaker in America, more of a German luxury car brand. On top of that, if Audi were to bring over some of their smaller cars to the American market, they would end up going head-to-head with corporate parent Volkswagen.

So what’s a well-engineered German brand to do? Well, Audi thinks they’ve got it figured out, and us gearheads look to be the beneficiaries.

Audi is planning two new models for the American market. Both of the new models will be based on existing Audi rides, but will be revamped enough to make them relevant in the U.S. market, Audi believes.

Audi is considering a plan that would see their Euro-only A2 small car sold here in the U.S. according to sources. The American of the A2 version is said to be a battery electric vehicle, making it ideal for urban residents, and unlike the current Euro A2, which is internal combustion only. There’s no word on when an EV version of the A2 could land on our shores, but the production version of the e-tron concept is planned for 2013, along with its ICE R4 counterparts, so a similar schedule for the smaller A2 EV wouldn’t seem too far afield.

Alongside the electric A2, the Ingolstadt boys are also considering an A3 sedan that would be exclusive to the United States market. The highly popular A3 is due for a revamp in 2012, which would be a great time to bring out other variants. It is already known that Audi is planning on introducing a convertible, wagon and crossover versions of the A3, so why not add a full-on sedan version of A3? Word has it that the supposed A3 sedan would, like the EV version of the A2, would likely be reserved for the U.S. market.

There have also been long running rumors of a smaller Q3 crossover in the works that could reach our shores in 2011 or 2012 timeframe.

Most of these make sense, except for the A3 sedan. At that point, why not just get an A4 sedan? Ah well, Audi seems to know what it’s doing these days.

Source: Left Lane News

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