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Audi Creates New Sustaniable Fuels

Audi will begin testing a new fuel known as “e-benzin,” a synthetic produced in collaboration with France based Global Bioenergies. “e-benzin” was created without the use of petroleum, is iso-octane free and burns with a cleaner, higher octane.

Audi is continually working with Global Bioenergies to refine “e-benzin” so it will eventually require zero biomass.

“Global Bioenergies has demonstrated the viability of the Audi “e-benzin” production process,” said Reiner Mangold, Head of Sustainable Product Development at Audi AG.

The new fuel will enhance performance in Audi’s higher compression ratio engines while still being environmentally conscious.  Audi e-fuels create a COfootprint nearly equal to a battery powered car run on electric or solar energy

The automaker is pushing for CO2-neutral, non-fossil fuels with the development of “e-ethanol,” “e-diesel” and now “e-benzin.”  Larger quantities of those synthetic fuels, to meet growing consumer demand, can be produced without sacrificing valuable farmland for food.

“This is a big step in our Audi e-fuels strategy,” Mangold said.

Audi e-fuels

  1. That’s really a good news for thoseo love to drive car but the one which doesn’t hamper the enviromental balance. New concept & renowed brand that’s a great combination.

  2. This one is good things that more research activities in new fuel , but we have to focus on reducing the environmental pollution.

    1. I am certain fuels like this will indeed help reduce environmental pollution. It is a big issue now I think for a lot of automakers. Thank you for reading and for taking the time to comment. ~ Carl

  3. i dont understand any talks which abuse this car. Audi is a perfect car. even the old models are in excellent condition. Recently i bought Audi A6 at the auction and im very happy with it.

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