Aston Martin Lifts the Lid on Vantage S


Aston Martin has been in the news this week due to its announcement of pricing and two special editions for the Cygnet minicar. The Cygnet has been pitched to existing customers for a while, but the public was never aware of pricing.

For a company that makes high-end sports cars and a million-dollar exotic like the One-77, Aston would probably like to shift the conversation from the Cygnet a bit. Enter the Vantage S, a return to news about real Aston Martins. We have to say, it is much welcomed.

Aston Martins never have been about barebones performance, and the Vantage, while a performance car, follows that mantra for the most part. Past S models in the lineup have been positioned to offer a bit more edge than their standard counterparts. As such, the new Vantage S slots in between the standard V-8 and the V-12 model.

The Vantage S retains the standard car’s 4.7-liter V-8, but in this application it is up by 10 horsepower and 15 pound feet of torque. The result is 430 horsepower and 361 pound feet of torque.


Aston Martin’s SportShift transmission has been significantly revised, now being a seven-speed unit, up from the previous car’s 6. The new unit is geared for higher performance, with the ability shift gears 20% quicker. Aston says the extra gear permits shorter spaced ratios, helping to take advantage of optimum torque. Quicker acceleration comes by the way of a shortened final drive ratio of 4.182:1.

An S mode activated by a button quickens gear changes further, opens exhaust bypass valves and offers a more aggressive throttle response. Changes to the suspension underneath include stiffened dampers, a shortened steering rack and llarger front brake rotors with six-piston calipers.

Styling stays pretty much the same for the S model, with a few cues making their way from the V-12 Vantage and racing Vantage GT4. Up front there is a new carbon fiber front splitter as well as larger brake inlets to aid with cooling. Also new is a redesigned bumper out back and new 19” V-Spoke alloy wheels that help set apart the S from more plebeian Vantages. No word on pricing, but the Vantage S is now available for order through Aston Martin’s dealer network.